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Velocity Motion Jumping Stilts & Spring Pogo Stilts Best Jumping Stilts for Kids and Adults Velocity stilts allow you to jump and walk your way into fitness! These offer a great form of exercise that is gentler on the knees than running, and they kinda make you feel like a superhero at times, too! There […]

Velocity Stilts

Best Fitness & Activity Trackers & Bands Reviews Track your fitness and activity levels with these fitness trackers and activity trackers! Some even keep track of calories burned, steps taken, heart rate levels during activity, and many monitor sleep, as well. There are many different activity trackers and fitness trackers available online. To learn more […]

Fitness Trackers

Yoga Mats & Gear Featured here with reviews are some of the best Yoga mats for Yoga & Hot Yoga. Included here are Jade Yoga Mats, Gaiam Print Premium Yoga Mats, Sticky Yoga Mats, Manduka Yoga Mats, and more. Also featured are Yogitoes* Skidless* Premium Towels. Yoga mats are specially fabricated mats used as an […]

Yoga Mats, Towels & Bags

Elliptical Trainer Machines The elliptical trainer has fast become one of the most popular and well used cardio machines in the gym. The trainer is a low impact exercise, which means it reduces the strain and stress of leg movement through elliptical movement. When jogging or walking every step you take cause’s a jolt to […]

Benefits Of Elliptical Trainer

Running Treadmills Running has to be the simplest form of exercise, anyone can start and you can go at your own pace. It also has numerous health benefits including lowered stress levels, reduced risk of heart disease and improving mental health. The easiest way to start running is on a treadmill, if you are a […]

Treadmills for Running

Stepper Exercise Machine Benefits The stepper exercise machine is one of the best cardiovascular machines you can use. It basically mimics the motion of climbing a set of endless stairs so it will make climbing stairs outside the gym a lot easier too. This machine not only gives you a cardio workout but also gives […]

Benefits Of Stepper Exercise Machine

Cycling Machine Benefits One of the many benefits of cycling machine is that anyone can use them and you can start at your own level. It is probably the easiest to use out of all the cardio machines as there is not much that can go wrong, you just sit on it and start pedaling. […]

Benefits Of Cycling Machine

8 Home Gym Essentials Putting together your home gym essentials doesn’t have to cost a lot, but you should look for quality. As long as you stick with a proven equipment needs list you can’t go wrong. Dumbbells are essential. They are necessary for presses, arm exercises and even some core exercises. There are several […]

8 Must-Have Home Gym Essentials

Home Gym Mirrors Home gym mirrors will help you to see if you are working out safely, and they are also great for teaching others workout moves, dance moves, and so on. People who enjoy ballet and other types of dance use gym mirrors to keep themselves inline and moving properly. Kids will enjoy wall […]

Home Gym Mirrors
Burn Fat After Exercise

How do you reach and increase your maximum heart rate with exercise?  Does the typical cardiovascular exercise achieve this, or is there a better way? Yes, there is a better way! And I hope this article helps you with your exercise challenge, because what I am about to describe is the most effective exercise for […]

Increase Maximum Heart Rate – Paced Cardiovascular Exercise
Jump Rope

Working out with a jump rope can be done anywhere as long as there is enough room. Make sure there is no obstacles that will get in the way. Make sure the surface you are jumping on is not to hard either. Avoid jumping on asphalt or concrete if you can. You should also wear […]

Jump Rope For Fitness
wing chun

Wing Chun Instruction Videos So you want to learn Wing Chun.  I have found a series of videos on YouTube that show you the basics of Wing Chun.  I discovered these videos while making my first Wing Chun post.  I watched a couple, and decided that I like the guy who was teaching Wing Chun, […]

Wing Chun Videos

WING CHUN KUNG FU WING CHUN style is a form of kung fu.  The secret fighting techniques that were once only taught to traditional Chinese students.  Now Wing Chun Kung Fu is taught all around the world.  Wing Chun (Chinese:; pinyin: literally “Eternal Spring”),  is a concept-based Chinese martial art that specializes in close-range combat. […]

WING CHUN Self Defense
trampoline workouts

Trampoline Workouts and Exercises Trampolines provide a great workout opportunity for both adults and children alike. Trampolines are available in many sizes. From the small personal training trampolines that go in your home. To the big outdoor trampolines that the kids really enjoy. Both forms of trampolines offer many exercise opportunities. Exercises You Can Do […]

Trampoline Exercise Workouts