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Pokemon Go Gifts for Teens Pokemon Go has taken the world by storm and everyone from kids, to teens, millennials, and adults are playing the phone app and can be found in almost every park hunting Pokemon. Birthday and Christmas gifts will be easy this year, all you have to do is find something Pokemon […]

Pokemon Gifts for Teens

Crayola Digital Art Turn your apple ipad into a digital art canvas with crayola digitools. Create stunning digital pictures with a touch of your finger using virtual colored pencils, markers and crayons in vibrant crayola colors. Crayola digitools are available in 3D effects, glitter, stencils or a deluxe pack which contains all 3. Requires ipad […]

Crayola Digital Art

Skylanders Blue Bash When it comes to Skylanders variants, it is hard to beat the pure awesomeness of the sensational Skylanders Blue Bash figure. This figure was not part of any specific release wave. It simply showed up at Toys R Us one day. While it is true that Wal-Mart got their own exclusive, the […]

Skylanders Blue Bash

Rare Skylanders List Despite spending more hours than I want to think about searching for rare and hard to find Skylanders variants, to date I have only found one; a metallic purple Eye Brawl (as pictured). I would bet, however, that your average collector will never see one in the wild. Of course, this should […]

Rare Skylanders

NO HTML KNOWLEDGE REQUIRED!! That’s right! When you sign up for Easy Product Displays, you can create beautiful product displays without knowing a lick of html coding! Our Amazon and Zazzle product display generator creates responsive product displays that work and fit into any size and style of webpages you own. Create fancy product displays with […]

Easy Product Displays Review

Watch Funny Animal videos and see these crazy and silly animals do some funny things. Take a little bit of the stress out of your life and have a few laughs. Animals can sometimes be caught doing some weird things. When you are lucky enough to capture those funny things on video, watch out, tons […]

Watch Funny Animals on Video

SEO is most popular term of Digital Marketing. Nowadays, every webmaster is talking about Google Penguin update and says thanks to Google. However, this post is about strategies and facts that are useful for everyone planning to do SEO for their website. Every person choose search engine optimization for their website for many different reasons- […]

How SEO Work For You- Increase Your Business

What Are Hard Cash Loans? Small businesses have had a hard time during this recession. Getting a bank loan for your business is much harder than it used to be.  Fortunately, there are many opportunities for small businesses to acquire the capital needed to grow their business into the business of their dreams. Hard Cash […]

Hard Cash Loans

In the Faith chapter, I read the section Faith is A State Of Mind Which May be Induced By Autosuggestion. There is an extra chapter on Autosuggestion, but this chapter sets it up. What Napoleon Hill is talking about is self-suggestion, or auto-suggestion. Very cool. So, he says that your subconscious mind will believe what you […]

Become a broken record, because it may help you make money in this economy!

How to Think Like the Rich Most of us dream of being rich, but we only know of one way to get there, hard work mixed with a lot of luck. Robert Kiyosaki has taught thousands how to become entrepreneurs investing in real estate, stock, and even paper. He does not just teach you to […]

Robert Kiyosaki Teaches You How to Think Like the Rich

Many knitters know Kitchener Stitch as “that complicated seam that looks just like knit stitches”. It is also referred to as “weaving stitches together” or “grafting stitches together”. Whatever we call it, the process allows knitters to join two pieces of knitting invisibly, with a seam that is as smooth and elastic as the rest […]

Knitting: Kitchener Stitch
Knitting Poster

What to Get Your Knitter for the Holidays? Christmas, Hanukkah, birthdays … there’s always some gift-giving occasion just around the corner. If someone on your gift list is a knitter, you may want to give them a gift that relates to their hobby. But it’s hard to decide what to choose, especially if you don’t […]

Holiday Gifts for Knitters

I am offering a paid graphic service for banners you can use as a signature banner here on Webnuggetz.com or any other website. The graphic banner is sized to fit the post width here at Webnuggetz.com at 670×90 pixels. Though sized to fit Webnuggetz.com you can use these graphic banners anywhere on the web. These […]

Webnuggetz Graphic Design Service

Some people are calling Zurker Facebook’s newest rival. What’s so great about Zurker? Unlike Facebook, the users own Zurker. That’s right, the users, like you and me. Zurker is a unique innovative approach to social networking. It’s user based, user driven, and user owned. It’s a brilliant concept, and one that may just propel Zurker to […]

Zurker – Expected to Rival Facebook – Own a Piece of It
Funny Facebook Status Ideas

Funny Status Ideas for your Facebook Profile Want to amuse your Facebook friends with a funny joke or status update? Funny Status Ideas for Facebook that will lighten up a Facebook friends day! Share the happiness on your Facebook profile and in your Facebook friends daily feeds with funny jokes, quotes, sayings, funny text messages and even some funny pictures […]

Funny Status Ideas for Facebook
Bedtime Stories on Kindle Fire

At the end of  2011 – Amazon .com released the latest Kindle, an innovation in the tablet style ebook Reader – The Kindle Fire. This amazing Kindle family e-book reader can bring the biggest and best virtual library of children’s picture e-books you could ever conceive of, right into your home, car, RV, boat or […]

Kindle Fire – Children’s E-book Reader
Mac Legion Bundle - Fall 2011

Maclegion has a 2011 Fall bundle with 10 apps for the Mac for $49.99. One of the apps, CleanMyMac ($29.95 value), is available only to the first 9,000 purchasers of the bundle. In my opinion, the main highlights of this Mac software bundle are Banner Zest Pro valued at $129.99, Corel Painter 4 Essentials valued […]

Mac Legion 2011 Fall Bundle
MacUpdate September 2011 Bundle

MacUpdate has their September 2011 bundle for sale. It has 11 Mac apps for $49.99 (90% off) which is a good deal because all of the apps together are valued at $487. If you would use only a couple of the apps, it’s probably worth it. I haven’t bought it myself yet though because, although […]

MacUpdate Promo September 2011 Bundle

Hello Pioneers! First off a big howdy to you all!  The site stats have been amazing and we are really, really, really excited about that!! Just few reminders we want to bring up: • August is Education month and you don’t want to miss out on the cash prize contest.  Not to mention all the […]

Low Quality? Panda Update?

I recently attended the Social Media Marketing Conference in New York at the Pennsylvania Hotel across from Penn Station last Wednesday, July 27. I learned a lot and also contributed to some of the discussions. It was given by Skillpath and some of the seminars on writing, tracking results, and monitoring your online reputation. A […]

Attended the New Social Media Conference on Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I just found out about Turntable.FM through a friend and found it interesting. This is not just another online radio website for music lovers. It enables people to offer their favorite music selection to the general public. As a member, you can either enter a room as a DJ or listener. Rooms can have up […]

Review of Turntable.FM
cable tv show

Eureka…on SyFy O little town of  Eureka.  Finally back to finish its forth season on SyFy.  In my opinion, Eureka is one of the coolest shows on cable.  Starring Colin Ferguson as Sheriff Jack Carter, Salli Richardson-Whitfield as Allison Blake, beautiful and intelligent director of Global Dynamics, Joe Morton as Henry Deacon, Eureka’s resident scientist/superbrain, […]

nikola tesla

Nikola Tesla:  Unsung Inventor   Nikola Tesla, in my opinion, was responsible for the existence of the modern world. To say that Tesla was robbed, is beyond understatement. A similar understatement would be “The sun is warm.” Nikola Tesla invented AC power. The power that drives ALL machines in our modern civilization. From the fan […]

Nikola Tesla

Many of us work online through various web based business ventures. I am offering a Graphic Design Service for custom graphics that are perfect for promoting your online business. I promote my Zazzle shops on my own websites(and here on Webnuggetz) and have found that eye catching graphics grab the attention of shoppers and create […]

RedGage Graphic Design Service