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Catwoman Dolls

Barbie, Mattel, DC,Tonner, Pullip, & More Catwoman Dolls

Showcased here is the Catwoman Doll available online, such as Mattel’s Catwoman Barbie Doll, DC Comics Catwoman, Pullip Catwoman, Tonner Catwoman and the limited edition Comic Con Catwoman dolls. These companies listed are the original makers of these specific Catwoman dolls. If you are searching for these dolls or just like to know the value of them, I have the information here as well as some informative videos and discounts.

Catwoman is one of the most popular and most well known feline superheroes and over the years fans have been collecting a great range of Catwoman dolls.

You may be surprised to find that there are actually many different dolls and action figures of Catwoman available, even Barbie is getting in on the action!

In fact there are many Barbie Catwoman versions available, which you can check out below as well as some great other choices from DC and Pullip

So if you are a fan of the Catwoman character and are looking to collect some or all of the dolls, the list below will help you to choose which you need for your collection!

Barbie As Catwoman

Barbie As CatwomanView Now

Barbie as CatWoman wears a black “leather” CatSuit criss-crossed with a real metal zipper, “metal” belt buckle, “metal” midriff strap, full-length “leather” gloves that end in shiny, long, silver-colored finger-nails (cat-claws).

She’s wearing a mask, carries a “leather” whip, has auburn hair and a gorgeous Barbie face.

Halle Berry starred as CatWoman in the movie after which this Barbie is fashioned.

Approximately 12″ Tall.


A more recent version from Mattel is this Barbie in the likeness of Halle Berry from the movies. This doll features the authentic looking black leather costume and includes her signature whip.

Batman’s Partner

After many years living in Batman’s shadow Catwoman jumped to the fore when Halle Berry played her character in the movie of the same name. She is very much in the traditional Barbie mold but her clothes and outfit would enrage ‘true’ Barbie fans. That said, this is a super doll from Barbie and a good collectors item for comic book fans as well as doll enthusiasts.

Mattel 2004 Barbie Movie Catwoman Doll

Mattel Year 2004 Barbie DC Movie Series 12 Inch Super-Heroine Doll Set – Barbie as CATWOMAN (Starring Hale Berry) with Leather Cat Suit, Mask, Whip and GlovesView Now


Barbie as CATWOMAN (Starring Hale Berry) with Leather Cat Suit, Mask, Whip and Gloves

Doll measured approximately 12 inch tall

Produced in year 2004

For age 5 and up


The Catwoman movie arrived in 2004 and although it was a so called flop at the movie theaters, it was a huge hit with Halle Berry fans. Barbie had moved on from their traditional doll types to dolls representing real people or famous fictional characters like Catwoman

The first Catwoman appeared in DC Comics as far back as 1940. She was known simply as ‘The Cat’ and turned up in the very first Batman comic. She has remained a very popular cat ever since.

Barbie Collector Classic Catwoman Barbie Doll

Barbie Collector Classic Catwoman Barbie DollView Now

From the live action Batman TV series of the 1960s

The caped crusader meets his match

Barbie takes on the role of Catwoman in her iconic costume

Barbie is looking sassy in her catsuit, gloves and other original catwoman accessories

A must have for any Barbie or Batman Collector


Collectors of Barbie dolls will want to have all of these Catwomen dolls in their collection as each one represents a different period in the comic book genre. This classic version is of the old school but quite collectible too. She streamlined compared to modern whip wielding Catwomen but she is proper and right to my way of thinking. This classic Barbie Catwoman doll is from the TV series that was popular in the 1960’s. This doll features a greatly detailed version of the feline fatal in her iconic costume and includes accessories and gloves.

Barbie Collector Ken & Barbie Batman & Catwoman

Barbie Collector Pink Label Ken & Barbie Batman & Catwoman Set Of 2View Now

* Set includes:

Ken as Batman and Barbie as Catwoman

* From the live action Batman TV series of the 1960s

* Each doll comes with personal accessories

* Approximately 13 tall

* Makes a great gift for Barbie or Batman fans of all ages!


This two figure set features Barbie in classic Catwoman costume and Ken as Batman in the retro costume from the 1960’s series. Each of the dolls have their own accessories and are about 13 inches in height. Another great set for collectors!

Barbie as Catwoman

Batman the Dark Knight Rises Catwoman Figure

Batman The Dark Knight Rises Movie Masters Collector Catwoman Figure (Styles May Vary)View Now

Based on the hit new Batman film, The Dark Knight Rises

The Movie Masters line offers fans the premium collecting experience

Features 6″ scale, authentic detail, deluxe articulation, and supreme quality

Each figure comes with Collect and Connect piece to create a lighted Batsignal

Catwoman comes as a goggles down or goggles up variant feature


Based on The Dark Knight Rises, this is an authentic looking Catwoman. She is one of a set of dolls that come with connectable parts which, when assembled, can create the famous night sky Bat Signal. She is just 6 inches tall but this is ideal if you intend to collect all the models from the movie. She is reasonably priced by Mattel, as are all the dolls in this range. This action figure doll is based on the popular Dark Knight movie and is built to 6 inch scale with lots of accurate detail and many points of articulation. This is a great choice for collectors and is also from Mattel.

Pullip Dolls Catwoman

Pullip Dolls Catwoman 12View Now

Big Head, Japanese, Asian, Anime, Manga, Gorgeous, Gothic, Fashion Doll, Blythe, Doll, Collectible

Pullip, DAL, Byul, Taeyang, Isul

Alice, Desney, DC, Marvel, BATMAN, Super Hero,

Features window box packing

Large Dolls include Eye Mechanism, Over Sized Head, Very Fashionable


The increasingly popular Anime and Manga styled dolls are adorable. I like the large headed figures which remind me of the popular Bobble head dolls you see bobbling about in vehicles. This Japanese Big Head Catwoman is so cute. The very fashionable Pullip range features more than 120 different dolls from all walks of life. Pullip dolls are popular with collectors and are known for their large head design. They are collectible and this particular doll is a limited edition. Catwoman is fully articulated and features accessories, outfit and more.

Pullip Dolls Japan Version Catwoman Fashion Doll

Pullip Dolls Japan Version Catwoman 12View Now

Big Head, Japanese, Asian, Anime, Manga, Georgeous, Gothic, Fashion Doll, Blythe, Doll, Collectible

Pullip, DAL, Byul, Taeyang, Isul

Alice, Desney, DC, Marvel, BATMAN, Super Hero,

Features window box packing

Large Dolls include Eye Mechanism, Over Sized Head, Very Fashionable


This doll is the same as the one above but is the Japanese version with blonde hair! I suppose this is a bit more collectable.

Comic Con Exclusive

Jun Planning Pullip SDCC Comic Con Exclusive P-039 Catwoman Fashion DollView Now


Only 400pcs of each model « Like a wild cat…. I blend into the night in a carefree manner…. I will get anything I want…Feel Like So »

Accessories: Mask, Goggles, Whip belt, Doll Stand


This is an exclusive doll produced by Jun Planning. It is a Comic Con Exclusive Fashion Doll featuring the delectable Catwoman. She is certainly one of the prettiest Catwomen I have seen, apart from Halle, of course.

Recently Released Catwoman Dolls

Some of these newer dolls are a limited quantity and quite collectible. Check them out.

 Cat Woman Fantasy Doll: Siberian Seduction by Ashton Drake Gotham Garage Catwoman DC Stars Tonner Doll Square-Enix Batman Dark Knight Trilogy Selina Kyle Play Arts Kai Action Figure Batman bobblehead doll Catwoman DC Comics 10 Inch Plush Doll Batman 66 Catwoman Madame Alexander Cat Woman Doll

Funko POP Heroes Cat Woman 1966 Vinyl Figure

Funko POP Heroes Cat Woman 1966 Vinyl FigureView Now

Funko did it again

Stands 3 3/4-Inch tall

Collect them all


From the 1966 Batman TV Series, this Batman 1966 TV Series Catwoman Pop Vinyl Figure features Batman’s nemesis, Catwoman (as played by Julie Newmar). This is an adorable Funko Pop standing almost 4 inches tall.

DC Direct Batman: Arkham City Series 2: Catwoman

DC Direct Batman: Arkham City Series 2: Catwoman Action FigureView Now

Based on the blockbuster video game published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, developed by Rocksteady Studios, and licensed by DC Entertainment

Exquisite detail captures characters as they appear in the hit game

Great for gamers, Bat-fans, and DC Direct collectors

Character-appropriate accessories

Catwoman measures 6.5″ tall


This lady is courtesy of a video game from Warner Bros. The game, like many Batman video products was blockbuster. Gamers already loved the image and then along came the real doll for their collection. The doll is exactly like the on screen image. Catwoman of Arkham City measures 6.5 inches tall. This is a great action figure at a height of six and a half inches and is designed in detail from the popular Arkham City video game. If you collect Catwoman memorabilia, this one is a must have!

DC Stars 2011 Catwoman Tonner Character Figure

DC Stars 2011 13View Now

Dangerous beauty Selina Kyle! Astonishing Tonner Doll features Catwoman.

Limited to just 500 pieces worldwide!

Tonner’s latest Selina Kyle is taking on a whole new look.

This 13-inch tall Catwoman Tonner Doll prowls the roofs of Gotham City in a sleek zip-up bodysuit with high collar and matching belt, molded goggles, changeable black and natural hands, and faux leather boots.

Limited to just 500 pieces worldwide!


Collectors love Tonner dolls but they are expensive. This may be due to the fact that Tonner products do have limited production numbers. This limited edition Cat has changeable hands, either black gloved or natural flesh colored hands. This is a fantastically detailed Catwoman doll from Tonner and is a limited edition with only 500 in existence! At 13 inches, this doll features a zip up bodysuit with a matching belt and also has unique changeable hands from natural to black.

Barbie Purple Catwoman

Barbie as CatwomanView Now

Barbie® doll as CatwomanTM is purrrr-fect in her purple catsuit topped with a striking cape!

A black belt with silvery buckle and black boots are boldly utilitarian.

Her sculpted hands feature cat claws.

She wears black gloves and a black ribbon choker with silvery charm.

Finally, a purple and black mask with cat ears mark her as the ultimate Feline Fatale!


Catwoman is my absolute favorite doll from the comic books but she does has rivals too. Other bad ladies from Barbie include Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn and Elektra from DC rival group the Marvel Universe. This version is the more classic, prim and proper Catwoman. She, of course, was not at all proper and she went about, whip in hand, ready to strike down anyone who got in her way. This is another great and collectible Barbie Catwoman, this time in a tight purple outfit complete with boots and of course her whip!

Batman Legacy Catwoman Collector Figure

Batman Legacy Catwoman Collector FigureView Now

Highlighting the comic history of Batman through the ages
Each 6″ scale figure is highly detailed and articulated for the ultimate collector in mind

Draws inspiration from the editorial heritage of the DC brand in comic styling

Includes Batman Legacy Collector figure, unique display stand, and 6.75″ x 10.25″ comic poster

These are the figures Batman collectors of all ages have been looking for


Showcasing the history of Batman comic incarnations throughout the ages, as well as the blockbuster Batman: Arkham City video game, this Catwoman collector figure is highly detailed, stands 6 inches tall and includes a display stand and mini collector poster. This figure is one of four in the collection and is what pop culture fans and Batman collectors of all ages have been looking for.

More Catwoman dolls

 2014 Tonner CATWOMAN 1966 Dressed TonnerView Now Batman Retro 8 Inch Series 2View Now Catwoman Stuffed Animal – Large CatView Now Tonner CatwomanView Now

Catwoman Action Figures

 DC Collectibles Batman: The Animated Series: Catwoman Action FigureView Now DC Collectibles DC Comics Designer Action Figures Series 2: Catwoman Figure by Greg CapulloView Now Square Enix Batman Arkham City: Play Arts Kai Catwoman Action FigureView Now NJ Croce Batman Classic TV Series Catwoman Bendable FigureView Now Medicom The Dark Knight Rises: Catwoman Selina Kyle MAF EX Action FigureView Now Batman Knightfall Action Figure: CatwomanView Now Kotobukiya DC Comics New 52 Version Catwoman ArtFX+ StatueView Now Selina Kyle / Catwoman Sixth Scale Figure (TDKR)View Now

Which of the Felines featured do you like the best?

Halle Berry the 2004 Cat Lady

Classic TV Catwoman from the 1960s

Fun 5 inch Hero Doll

Pullip Catwoman 12

Batman’s The Dark Knight Catwoman

Arkham City Catwoman from DC Comics

The Dressed Tonner Character Doll

Comic Con Exclusive Cat

Funko Pop Vinyl 1966 Catwoman Figure

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