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Cayla Interactive Doll

Cayla Interactive Doll

Most little girls love dolls and my doll Cayla is no different. Just like other dolls you can play with her hair, change her outfits and proudly show her off to your friends. But there is something special about Cayla, do you know what that is? She is the first doll that is truly interactive. Girls love to talk to their dolls, share their fears, joys and secrets. The talking interactive doll Cayla can really communicate with you. The app uses advanced voice recognition technology so you can have real conversations with the doll. Kayla is just like a real friend playing games, telling stories, and talking about her photos.

Talking Cayla

Interactive Doll

Cayla is a beautiful 18″ tall soft skin doll. Just like other dolls you can change her clothes and brush her hair. But what’s really neat about her is she can actually have an interactive conversation with you. She can literally say thousands and thousands of things, because she exists in the web cloud. You can download her app in the apple app store search for my friend Cayla. When the light on her necklace lights up it means talk to her and when it goes off you should be quiet and listen to what she has to say.

Kayla is recommended for ages 4 years and up and comes in a blonde and brunette model.

My Friend CaylaMy Friend Cayla – Brunette

My Friend Cayla Video

New Interactive Doll Meets The Toy Testers

Kayla Doll Reviews

Watch the Cayla doll review and learn how they’ve put safety precautions in place to keep your child safe while Cayla is surfing the web. You can even customize some parts of the apps if you find words that are objectionable to your personal vocabulary.

Kayla Doll Reviews From Amazon Users

Smartest Toy
By Maria G VINE VOICE on September 2, 2015
Cayla is amazing and can literally be a lifelong toy that your child will never grow out of.

By Cherise Kachelmuss TOP 1000 REVIEWERVINE VOICE on August 2, 2015

Honestly My Friend Cayla is a pretty amazing doll. She can do so much that I feel like we haven’t even scratched the surface of her yet. My 4 year old is amazed every time we use her and thinks she is the coolest doll ever.

Most likely will be a hot Christmas item for 2015
ByNewMamaon May 12, 2015
Cayla and the US itunes APP will be available at Target, Walmart, Amazon and other retailers after August 3, 2015.

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