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Chair Bed – Extra Sleeping Space for Guests

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Make a Chair Do Extra Service as a Guest Bed

Many homes don’t have the luxury of keeping a guest room that does nothing most of the time. Other rooms in the home can double up to serve as a guest room when needed. Just add a cushy chair that converts easily into a place for a guest to sleep. There are a number of variations on this, where the chair unfolds to make a single bed.

Since I live in Central Florida, I can expect guests at least a few times each winter. Having an extra bed sure comes in handy. Here are some of the options for a chair bed (a chair that transforms into a bed).

I’ve provided a range of sleeper chairs below. Take a look to see which one fits your needs. Some work better for a child’s room and convert into a bed for sleep-overs. Others will work for an adult visitor.

Graphic from Zazzle:

resting women notecard card
resting women notecard card by apascale

Great Looking Chair Turns into a Bed – Available from Amazon

The Cortesi Chair – Sleeper

Ultra-sleek looking, modern styling. This comes in a variety of colors. In just a few minutes you can turn it into a place for a visitor to sleep. Lovely isn’t it!

These are the same chair bed, but I wanted to show you some of the color choices.

I have a friend in Florida who decorates with coastal colors. The seafoam green one would be perfect for her. They have so many house guests, that I tease her about running a bed-and-breakfast.

This one comes in a good basic black too.

Cortesi Home Savion Convertible AccentCortesi Home Savion Convertible AccentCortesi Home Savion Convertible AccentCortesi Home Savion Convertible AccentCortesi Home Convertible Accent ChairCortesi Home CH-LC103600 Savion Convertible

Black Chair Hides a Secret – Yes, It’s a Guest Bed Too

A Stylish Look!

The deep tufting gives this one a million dollar look. Check the price here, very affordable.

This has the look of a club chair and that upholstery should last a long time.

Gold Sparrow New York Black

Finding an Extra Bed for a Guest – What Are the Options

There are air mattresses that you can deflate and store away after the guests leave. I have three of these (2 queen size and 1 twin). They store very compactly.

Sleep sofas have been around for ages, but there may not be room for one. They tend to not be that comfortable as a sofa or as a bed. When I’ve had guests sleep on one in the past, I add a memory foam topper to cushion it. Then you have to store the rolled up foam topper somewhere.

Another option that looks great, but is quite an investment, is a murphy bed that hides away in a cabinet or behind a sliding bookshelf. That allows you to use the guestroom for a hobby room or home office when you have no guests.

A roll-away bed usually has a metal frame that folds up. It can be wheeled away to a closet or the garage. You can get a cover for these.

There are ottomans that unfold to form a bed for guests. This is a recent development that is certainly a space saver. Click the highlighted link to see a selection of those.

Family members can double up, sleeping together, to free up a bed for a guest. This can be uncomfortable for those used to sleeping alone. It can be particularly uncomfortable if someone snores and keeps the other person awake.

Wow, Look at This Style…

I can picture myself relaxing in this while watching television and then converting it to a bed for a guest. It comes in 9 colors from durable black to shocking orange.

Fresh Futon Figo Convertible FutonFresh Futon Figo Convertible Futon

Here’s the Futon Chair When It Is Converted to a Bed

It’s simple to switch from a relaxing chair into a single bed .

Chair and a Half with a Sleep Option

Brown Upholstery

The drawer pulls out and then the cushions unfold to form the bed which rests on the drawer.

Verona Redeyef Brown Chair and a Half (Full Sleeper)

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  1. I’ve been looking around for a chair bed, to save having a whole spare bed taking up space, I’d rather have a lounge chair that converts into a single bed.
    The Verona Redeyef Brown Chair and a Half looks like just what I need. Thanks.

  2. Wow. Loving the Chair Bed. They can certainly come in handy for some last minute guests.

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