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Change Of Address Card

Change Of Address Cards To Announce Your New Place

Congratulations! You’ve got a new place! The hard part is done – you’ve found a place you love. Now all you have to do is pack everything you own, borrow a pickup to move everything, unpack everything and tell your 2,000 friends, acquaintances and relatives what your new address is.

Fortunately this last part isn’t too difficult. You can get some pre-printed cards (or stickers or even fridge magnets). All you’ve got to do is mail them out and you’re done.

Here are some change of address cards for you to consider. Whether you want postcards or business card sized announcements or something else, you’ll find them all here. These are the best deals on change of address cards that you’re going to find and there are tons to choose from.


New Address “We’ve Moved” Postcard

These Cards Are 100% Customizable

You can change the wording on these and even the pictures if you like. And of course your address will be printed on the cards however you want it to appear.

Change Of Address Card – Postcards

Postcards are a convenient and easy way to let people know that you’re moving. You don’t need to mess around with envelopes. Just address these, stamp them and drop them in the mail.

See more change of address postcards here:
Change Of Address Postcards

Change Of Address Card – Business Card Size

These little business card sized change of address cards are perfect if you want to hand them out in person or if you want to include them with other correspondence (like maybe your phone bill).

See more change of address business cards here:
Change Of Address Business Cards

Change Of Address Card

These are all a folding greeting card type. These are great if you want a more formal announcement about your new home. Or if you want to add a note about your new place and how soon you plan to get unpacked and how your dog is adjusting. They’d also be good for tucking in a few photos on the new place.

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Change Of Address Cards

Change Of Address Labels

These provide a pretty easy way to let people know you’ve moved. Just use these as the return address labels on everything you mail out.

See more change of address labels here:
Change Of Address Labels

Change Of Address Stamps

When you mail out your change of address cards, add some cute change of address stamps. You can get them for regular size envelopes or postcards.

See more change of address stamps here:
Change Of Address Stamps

Change Of Address Stickers

You can put these stickers anywhere. Put them on all your bills as you pay them. Stick them on the outside of envelopes that you mail out. Just give them to your friends in person. These make it easy to let people know you’re moving.

See more change of address stickers here:
Change Of Address Stickers

Change Of Address Magnet

If you pass out change of address magnets to people, they’ll always have your new address on their refrigerators.

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Change Of Address Cards At Zazzle

Printable Change Of Address Cards

What you get with these is a downloadable file which you can then edit to reflect your own name and new address. You then print as many as you need. If you have a lot to send out, doing it this way could save you a lot of money.

If you want to see more printable designs, check here: Printable Change Of Address Cards

Change of Address CardsChange of Address CardsChange of Address CardsChange of Address CardsChange of Address CardsChange of Address Cards

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  1. Smart cards to send out when you have moved!

  2. Very useful idea to help get the word out about your new location. Beautiful work.

  3. Very cool idea! I’m going to need some of these within the year. ;) And I know where to get them! <3

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