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Decorative Chartreuse Pillows

Toss Some Cheerful Color Into Your Home Decor

Whether you see it as yellowish-green, greenish-yellow, apple green, lime or some other variation on the theme, it’s a happy color to work into your surroundings. And decorative throw pillows are an easy and fun way to do that, whether you like a little chartreuse or a lot. (I like more than a little, myself.)

I built this page partially for myself, since I’m starting to shop around for new home decor for a new house. It’s always fun to start fresh, and I’ll be working chartreuse green in as an accent as a nice contrast to the darker wood flooring and walls and the lighter wood cabinetry.

Here, you can look through a whole bunch of pretty pillows in a range of shades, from deep to bright and lots of steps in between, and in a wide variety of patterns and prints and solids too. These pillows are from Amazon and Zazzle, many available in more than one size or shape.

Featured Pillows

Choose either square or rectangular lumbar style — or both for a matching set

Many of the designs you’ll see on this page come in both a square and a rectangular pillow. So, if you see one you like, you can click through and choose which shape you want.





Damask Designs with Chartreuse

Reversible, woven patterns

Damask patterns are typically geometric or botanical as you’ll see here, but you can also find damask with animal figures and other simple scenes. It’s a very elegant look, and the yellow-green color in these pillows, used either as the background or the damask pattern, really makes the designs pop.

The chartreuse on brown is my pick for a good one to tie together that dark wood flooring we’re putting in our new house with the accent color.

Victorian Retro Floral Damask PillowsVictorian Retro Floral Damask PillowsCHECK PRICE

Chartreuse and Grey Damask PillowsChartreuse and Grey Damask PillowsCHECK PRICE

Chartreuse on Brown Damask PillowsChartreuse on Brown Damask PillowsCHECK PRICE

Chartreuse and White Chic Damask PillowChartreuse and White Chic Damask PillowCHECK PRICE

Damask on the Brighter Side

Have fun with color without a long-term commitment

The nice thing about throw pillows is that you can add some bolder color to a room to perk things up, but they’re easy to change out if you get tired of the look. It’s amazing how changing accessories can make a room look so different.

Diamond Damask in Chartreuse Diamond Damask in Chartreuse CHECK PRICE

Olive Chartreuse and Aqua Fleur Damask PillowsOlive Chartreuse and Aqua Fleur Damask PillowsCHECK PRICE

Chartreuse Slate Blue Teal Damask PillowChartreuse Slate Blue Teal Damask PillowCHECK PRICE

Chartreuse and Demask Vintage Bright Retro Pattern Throw PillowsChartreuse and Demask Vintage Bright Retro Pattern Throw PillowsCHECK PRICE

Reversible Zigzag or Floral Design Pillow Cover

1 Pillow – 2 Looks

You choose the size you want, square or lumbar, and a feather pillow insert too if you need it.

All Chloe & Oliver pillow covers are designed to appear full from corner to corner. For this reason, the handmade covers are slightly smaller than the suggested insert size to maintain that look.

The zipper is hidden but allows for easily removing the cover to switch it to the other design or for washing. The fabric is 100% cotton.

Chartreuse Twirlies Collection - 20 Double-sided Throw Pillow Cover Chartreuse Twirlies Collection – 20″ Double-sided Throw Pillow Cover CHECK PRICE

Floral Designs

You can find chartreuse in nature all over, like in hostas for example, and many other types of plants. So it’s fitting to find the color on floral pillows like these, which will add a natural feel to your room. It’s fun to mix floral patterns.

Euphorbia PillowsEuphorbia PillowsCHECK PRICE

Pillow Cushion, Green Rose Chartreuse Throw PillowPillow Cushion, Green Rose Chartreuse Throw PillowCHECK PRICE

Contemporary Chartreuse Throw Pillows

Great for enhancing the modern look of a room or even adding just a touch of contemporary

Swirls On Green PillowsSwirls On Green PillowsCHECK PRICE

Total Square, Chartreuse Throw PillowTotal Square, Chartreuse Throw PillowCHECK PRICE

Chartreuse Pillow in Classic ChevronChartreuse Pillow in Classic ChevronCHECK PRICE

Chartreuse and White Stripes PillowChartreuse and White Stripes PillowCHECK PRICE

Abstract Designs

If you like pillows that don’t blend in to the background….

Chartreuse Green Abstract Heart Throw PillowChartreuse Green Abstract Heart Throw PillowCHECK PRICE

Abstract Face of Innocence in Chartreuse PillowAbstract Face of Innocence in Chartreuse PillowCHECK PRICE

Mix and Match

While some folks like all their throw pillows in a room to be the same, especially if they have a variety of patterns and textures in their furniture and other accents, I really like to mix it up with my pillows, with one main color tying them together.

Shocking Bright Green Chartreuse Zigzag Pattern PillowsShocking Bright Green Chartreuse Zigzag Pattern PillowsCHECK PRICE

Modern Motif Purple & Chartreuse| Yellow-Green PillowsModern Motif Purple & Chartreuse| Yellow-Green PillowsCHECK PRICE

Vintage Floral Chartreuse Damask Seal PillowVintage Floral Chartreuse Damask Seal PillowCHECK PRICE

Green Chartreuse Stripes Pattern PillowsGreen Chartreuse Stripes Pattern PillowsCHECK PRICE

Shades of Chartreuse on Amazon

Sometimes two matching shades of this color can look very different depending on the color/s they’re next to. And, of course, one person’s chartreuse is another neon lime green. It’s all yellowish-green to me.

Surya PC-1006 Machine Made 100% Poly Satin Lime PillowSurya PC-1006 Machine Made 100% Poly Satin Lime PillowCHECK PRICE

Pillow Decor - Proud Peacock Chartreuse Green Throw PillowPillow Decor – Proud Peacock Chartreuse Green Throw PillowCHECK PRICE

Chartreuse Branch & Dark Brown Throw Pillow CoverChartreuse Branch & Dark Brown Throw Pillow CoverCHECK PRICE

JinStyles Cotton Canvas Trellis Chain Accent Throw Pillow CoverJinStyles Cotton Canvas Trellis Chain Accent Throw Pillow CoverCHECK PRICE

More Solids and Shades

If you have a patterned sofa or “busy” throw run in your living room or den, a mix of solids in your decorative pillows might be the best way to go. These are also nice for dressing up your bed.

Solid Color Chartreuse CCCC00 Pillow TemplateSolid Color Chartreuse CCCC00 Pillow TemplateCHECK PRICE

Chartreuse Clouds Throw PillowChartreuse Clouds Throw PillowCHECK PRICE

How About Some Geometric Designs

Bright Chartreuse Green Striped Decorative PillowsBright Chartreuse Green Striped Decorative PillowsCHECK PRICE

Chartreuse and Lime Petals Zigzag Pattern PillowChartreuse and Lime Petals Zigzag Pattern PillowCHECK PRICE

Diamonds Geometric Pattern - Chartreuse Black PillowsDiamonds Geometric Pattern – Chartreuse Black PillowsCHECK PRICE

Apple Green White Chain Link Circles Pattern Throw PillowApple Green White Chain Link Circles Pattern Throw PillowCHECK PRICE

Yellow / Green & White Quatrefoil Clover Pattern PillowYellow / Green & White Quatrefoil Clover Pattern PillowCHECK PRICE

Chartreuse Green Block Chevron PillowChartreuse Green Block Chevron PillowCHECK PRICE

Hexagonal Designs

Toss one of each on your couch or daybed for a really cool and colorful, modern look.

Hexagon Pattern Pillow | Sage Green BrownHexagon Pattern Pillow | Sage Green BrownCHECK PRICE

Hexagon Pattern Pillow | Tan Blue GreenHexagon Pattern Pillow | Tan Blue GreenCHECK PRICE

Hexagon Pattern Pillow | Pink Gray CitronHexagon Pattern Pillow | Pink Gray CitronCHECK PRICE

Hexagons Throw PillowHexagons Throw PillowCHECK PRICE

And More Shades of Chartreuse to Decorate With

Decorative Yarn Embroidered Throw Pillow Cover Decorative Yarn Embroidered Throw Pillow Cover CHECK PRICE

Peace Out Collection - Chartreuse and WhitePeace Out Collection – Chartreuse and WhiteCHECK PRICE

Embroidered Linen Throw Pillow CoverEmbroidered Linen Throw Pillow CoverCHECK PRICE

Solid Chartreuse Throw Pillow CoverSolid Chartreuse Throw Pillow CoverCHECK PRICE

Artistic Throw Pillows

Art Nouveau, Art Deco, and Fantasy Art

IMPERIAL BIRD in Chartreuse, Purple and Green Throw PillowsIMPERIAL BIRD in Chartreuse, Purple and Green Throw PillowsCHECK PRICE

ALASSIO in Brown, Yellow, Tan and Chartreuse PillowsALASSIO in Brown, Yellow, Tan and Chartreuse PillowsCHECK PRICE

Sweet Dreams Throw PillowsSweet Dreams Throw PillowsCHECK PRICE

Green Fairy Fantasy Art PillowGreen Fairy Fantasy Art PillowCHECK PRICE

More of this Lively Color for you and your House

Chartreuse: More Than Your Average Color

Decorating a Chartreuse Kitchen

Brighten Your Home with Decorative Chartreuse Glass

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