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Chevron Shower Curtains Add Pizzazz to Your Bathroom!

Chevron Shower Curtains Improve the Look of Your Bathroom

I love Chevron design. I didn’t use to, though. It took me a while to warm up to it. The more I see it, the more I enjoy it.

I recently purchased a turquoise Chevron pattern shower curtain for my bathroom (see photo below), and it’s awesome! It adds so much interest to my bathroom, without being overpowering.

There are so many beautiful designs available on Amazon today! I’m sharing some of my favorites here with you. Whatever colors you already have in your bathroom, there’s a Chevron shower curtain here that will go well with them! Which one will you choose?

Here’s My Turquoise Chevron Shower Curtain

Turquoise Chevron Shower Curtains

Since I love my turquoise Chevron shower curtain, I thought I’d start with some of those options first. These 3 designs are each unique and lovely. Turquoise is a calming and tranquil color, even though it can be bright. It reminds me of the sea waters of the Caribbean! Lovely, clear and pure.

 InterDesign Chevron Shower Curtain, 72 x Libra Polyester Shower Curtain Love Infinity Forever Love Symbol Chevron Infinity Live The Life You Love,Love CafePress Turquoise Chevron Shower Curtain – 60 Love Infinity Forever Love Symbol Chevron Chevron Pattern Turquoise Grey White Waterproof Kassatex Cortina Turquoise & White Classic Love Infinity Forever Love Symbol Chevron Love Infinity Forever Love Symbol Chevron Madart Inc. Turquoise Black White Chevron CafePress Black White Turquoise Chevron Shower CafePress Turquoise black white Chevron Shower CafePress Turquoise Yellow Chevron Stripes Shower CafePress Blue Grey Chevron Pattern Shower

Black and White Chevron Shower Curtains

Black and white looks so clean and crisp when combined in decor. Two of these have pops of blue in them, too, which is very interesting. You can accessorize with black and/or white towels, rugs, wall decor, etc. Throw in a pop of pink, orange, purple or other bright colors for a pretty look, if you desire.

 Mizone Libra Shower Curtain – Black InterDesign Chevron Shower Curtain, 72 x Black and White Chevron Shower Curtain, Intelligent Design Nadia Shower Curtain – Custom Amazing Chevron And Dots Waterproof 60 66 Custom Polyester Shower Curtain 66

CafePress Yellow and White Chevron Shower Curtain

This bright yellow Chevron shower curtain is cheerful and fun. You can accessorize with turquoise, black, white, etc. Add yellow vanity items such as a tumbler, toothbrush holder, soap dish and even a matching trash can.

Bring a touch of sunshine into your bathroom with this stylish yellow shower curtain!

CafePress Yellow and White Chevron Shower

For Unique Wall Decor

Buy an extra shower curtain, cut it into a square or rectangle, then frame it and use it for wall decor in your bathroom!

Red Chevron Shower Curtains

Red is a bold color that will brighten every room and make you smile. Whether you choose a simple red and white design, or opt for a design with other colors, too, you’ll love any one of these red Chevron shower curtains! Add some black bathroom rugs and bath towel sets, along with red wall decor or a red accent wall for a fun theme in any bathroom of your home.

 CafePress Red Chevron Shower Curtain – Kess InHouse Nick Atkinson Chevron Dance Futefew Personalized Bathroom Decor Chevron Pattern CafePress Red Black and white Chevron Black Red Chevron Waterproof Bathroom Fabric Kess InHouse KESS Original Candy Cane CafePress Nautical Red chevron anchor Shower CafePress Red Hot Red Chevrons Shower CafePress Red, Gray, and White Chevron Cool Modern Red Blue White Chevron CafePress Brown and Red Chevron Shower CafePress black and red Chevron stripes

CafePress Nautical Gray chevron anchor Shower Curtain

This soft gray Chevron shower curtain features an anchor and will go well with any nautical design and any other colors in your bathroom. I love anything nautical, so I had to share this one. In fact, someday, I would love to paint my bathroom light gray with charcoal accents, and this shower curtain would look lovely in there! My floor is black and white, so it would all flow together nicely!

CafePress Nautical Gray chevron anchor Shower

Blue Chevron Shower Curtains

Blue is my favorite color. I love all shades of it. These blue shower curtains are quite lovely. The navy is my favorite, though I enjoy all of them.

 InterDesign Chevron Shower Curtain, 72 x Kassatex Cortina Dark Indigo / Blue Custom Special Amazing Chevron Anchor Pattern 100% Cotton Fabric Shower Curtain: Chevron Fashion Navy Chevron & Hope Anchor Fashionable Chevron Anchor Print With Navy 66 CafePress Blue and Black Chevron Shower

CafePress Yellow anchor blue chevron Shower Curtain

CafePress Yellow anchor blue chevron Shower

Chevron Bathroom Accessories on Zazzle

Zazzle is a great place to purchase unique designs on a variety of products. I think you will enjoy these Chevron bathroom accessories created by talented folks on Zazzle! The design is not your typical Chevron, but is called “Tribal Chevron.” I think it’s pretty cool…

Tribal Chevron – black aqua yellow Bath SetTribal Chevron – mauve red fuschia Bath SetsTribal Chevron – grey olive orange Bathroom SetTribal Chevron – navy teal red Soap Dispenser

Pink Chevron Shower Curtains

We can’t forget about the color pink. Whether it’s raspberry or cherry pink or it’s soft pink. All have a place in the bathrooms of those who enjoy this color.

 Kassatex Fine Linens Chevron-Pink Berry Shower Mizone Libra Microfiber Shower Curtain – DII Oceanique 3-Piece Bathroom Set, Machine Eforgift Mildew Free Polyester Shower Curtain Thumbprintz Fabric Shower Curtain, Pink Ombre Kess InHouse Monika Strigel Personalized Chevron And Dots High Quality Hot Pink and White Chevron Zig

Green Chevron Shower Curtains

Green is a color of nature, and it’s a great way to bring colors from the outdoors inside. Accessorize with various shades of green, black, white, cream, navy, etc.

 New Fashion Simple Light Green And CafePress Lime Green Grey Chevron Shower CafePress Mint Green Chevron Shower Curtain CafePress Green and Grey Chevron Shower Mi Zone Billie Shower Curtain – CafePress Lime Purple Grey Chevron Stripes CafePress Shades of Green Chevron Shower 100% Polyester Waterproof Fashion Simple Light

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