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Chia Zombies are Ghoulishly Fun!

Prepare Yourself for the Chia-pocalypse!

Have you always wanted to Chia Pet, but refused to get a fuzzy puppy, or Hello Kitty? Well, your kind of Chia Pet is finally here! At last they made a really badass Chia:

Chia Zombies!

Yes, the Chia zombies have arrived. Dragging Drew, Creepy Holden, Lifeless Lisa and the Restless Arm. All guaranteed to be anything but your grandma’s Chia pet.

Dragging Drew

He May Not Have any Legs, But He is Still a Fun Ghoul!

First up is Dragging Drew. He may be slow, but he is ghoulishly delightful! Any zombie fan will love him!

Zombie -Dragging DrewZombie -Dragging Drew


How to Grow a Chia Zombie

It’s Easy but Remember to Keep it Full of Water!

Growing your Chia zombie is fairly straight forward:

~Soak your Chia zombie in water for one hour
~Soak about half the seeds in a separate bowl of water for one hour
~Fill the Chia zombie with water
~With your finger spread the seeds in the grooves in your Chia zombie
~Place your Chia pet in a sunny window
~Make sure to keep your Chia zombie full to the top with water

Chia Zombie Creepy Holden


Creepy Holden is the second in our line of zombies. He starts out bald, but you can help him to grow a full head of green hair! Unfotunately, it will not improve his looks by much. :) Includes enough seeds for three plantings.

Chia Zombie - Creepy HoldenChia Zombie – Creepy Holden


Chia Restless Arm

Great for a Windowsill!

Ghoulishly fun and amusing gift – any age, any occasion!
Contains: handmade pottery planter, chia seed packet for 3 plantings
Convenient plastic drip tray, planting and care instruction sheet included
Easy to do, fun to grow!
Full coat in 1-2 weeks

Chia Zombie - Restless ArmChia Zombie – Restless Arm


Chia Zombie Lifeless Lisa

Holden’s girlfriend!

Lisa is set up for longer “hair.” She wants to look her best for Holden! Her hair grows out in about two weeks, if you keep her watered. Nothing worse than a dried up zombie, so don’t forget to water regularly!

Chia Zombie - Lifeless LisaChia Zombie – Lifeless Lisa


Chia Zombie Trailer

Have You Seen It Yet?

Grass Head Monsters

With Stickers So You Can Personalize!

Meet a wild monster with crazy green hair made with real grass. Just add water and light and watch as your grass monster head sprouts with foliage for styling fun. This set includes everything you need to grow your own monsters; two colorful monster templates that wrap around plastic planters, grass seeds, and growing medium. Grow some monsters today!

4M Grass Head Growing Kit4M Grass Head Growing Kit


Video Tutorial – How to Start Your Chia

Uncle Si Chia

Other Creepy Chia Pets

All Kinds!

These Chias are all fun and creepy. Great for a sunny location and makes a wonderful humorous gift. Give it to a co-worker, a friend, or better yet, your mother in law!

Chia GnomeChia GnomeChia HomerChia HomerChia ShrekChia ShrekChia Emoji SmileyChia Emoji SmileyChia Willie Duck DynastyChia Willie Duck DynastyChia Kermit The FrogChia Kermit The Frog


Possibly the Most Unusual Chia of All Time

The President!

This was the most popular gift at the white elephant gift swap last Christmas. It was the only one to hit all five swaps. Everyone wanted it! My advice is to buy this as your next gag or funny gift. It is sure to be a hit!

Chia Donald Trump Freedom of Choice Pottery PlanterChia Donald Trump Freedom of Choice Pottery Planter


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  1. Wow, so many choices for Chia Zombies, you are just not shopping if you can’t find what you want in this page.

  2. MareeT

    The Itzabot Monsters are hilarious!

  3. This is a fun activity for all ages!

  4. Gypzeerose

    I can’t believe the variety of hilarious Chia pets! There is just something special about zombies, especially at Halloween.

  5. Chia pets, what a great idea and very scary.

  6. I think you need a whole page of presidential chia pets. Be sure to include the candidates (Hillary and Donald).

  7. Haha! These are great! Fun for Halloween and more!

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