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Gifts for the Chocolate Lover in You!

Pascal Caffet is a world famous chocolatier and the French are more than happy to say “Ooh la la!” whenever this name is heard. He is revered as “le roi du chocolat”, that is to say, “the king of chocolate”.

Zchocolate is partnered
with Pascal Caffet.

Although this confectioner company is based in France, their delicious treats are shipped to many destinations around the world; via DHL to 244 countries, in fact.

In America, well-known business entities applaud these exquisite hand-made chocolates.
– Wall Street Journal referred to them the Best Lesser Known Gift Site on the Net.
– Food Network rated their products as Top 5 Chocolate Gifts.
– ShopSmart, from Consumer Reports published its annual list for 2014 and featured zChocolate as one of the best boxed chocolates. The word used to described the taste-tested assortment were: standout flavors and exceptional.
– There are 26 flavors. Examples include Piedmont hazelnut praline and Venezuelan dark chocolate. LA Times calls them spectacular.

These luscious candies are offered to very appreciative customers. The products are often romantic gifts for Valentine’s Day. But these luxury French chocolates are a perfect gift for any occasion?

Discover the zChocolat Product Collections with greatest impression!


Chocolate is the gift often associated with Valentine’s Day and sometimes Christmas Day but it’s a gift that will be accepted any time of the year, no matter what the occasion. :)

Discover the zChocolat Product Collections with greatest impression!

If life is like a box of chocolates, I want this box! LOL. ~ LIFE and LOVE in a box of a chocolates. 12 pieces.

Are you a tea lover who is also a chocolate lover? Click here.

The Evolution of Tea
Do you know your tea personality?
Ask a Tea Wizard.

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  1. There’s nothing quite like the gift of chocolate. I’m drooling!

  2. I keep hinting to my hubby that Valentine’s Day is coming. Maybe I should leave this page open on the computer for him to discover.

  3. I LOVE chocolate, don’t we all!

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