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Choosing the Perfect Christmas Letterhead Paper for Your Holiday Letter

When it comes to choosing Christmas letter paper, there’s more to consider than how pretty the picture is. You want to be sure that the paper you choose won’t make it difficult for your readers to view your Christmas letter. So when you’re shopping for Christmas letterhead, here are a few tips.

1. Make sure there’s plenty of room for your holiday letter.
Some artists may create wonderful designs, but if they don’t leave enough room in the middle of the page for your letter, you’ll need to cut it short or use more pages.

2. Pick a paper with a white or light background.
You want to be sure that the Christmas letterhead paper designs you choose aren’t so dark that the text gets lost. Look for light backgrounds or paper that has a design that doesn’t cover the middle of the page.

christmas letter paper

3. Don’t choose flimsy paper.
If you want your Christmas letter to have a professional appearance, choose a heavier weight paper. The higher the number, the thicker the paper will be. But don’t go too high because you’ll want to make sure the paper will feed through your printer without a problem.

One place to shop online for Christmas letter paper that meets these criteria is Zazzle. You’ll find hundreds of designs for the holidays, and many of them can be customized with your own holiday message and/or family name. Simply look for the Customize It! button below the product image.

Some Christmas letterhead will already have fields that are designated for you to enter your family name or holiday message. But even the ones that don’t have fill-in-the-blank fields can be customized. Just click “Customize It!” below the product image and look for the options to Add Text… or Add Images…

Then add your own holiday message or personalize your Christmas letter paper with your name. Here’s a sample of some of the holiday letterhead you can buy at Zazzle.

Christmas Letter Paper

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