Christmas Dog Sweaters

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A Dog Christmas Sweater Is Fun & Festive!

A dog Christmas sweater not only looks adorable on your pooch for the holidays, but it will keep him or her warm on cold days and nights, too!

You’ll find a sweet selection of dog Christmas sweaters here for dogs of all sizes. From funny to practical, there are Christmas sweaters for dogs here that are sure to make you smile.

If you’re taking a family Christmas portrait where everyone wheres festive sweaters or other holiday apparel, don’t leave out the dog. Dress your fur baby in their very own Christmas sweater for the photo.

If you’re throwing an ugly Christmas sweater party, remember your dog, too. You can get an ugly Christmas sweater for dogs, and he or she can join in the fun.

Moolecole Puppy Dog Christmas Knitted Sweater

Moolecole Puppy Dog Christmas Knitted Sweater

This cute Christmas dog sweater features a reindeer on the back surrounded by snowflakes and pretty Christmas designs.

It’s available in sizes XS-L.

XS(Neck:22cm/8.66″ Back:28cm/11.02″ Bust:32cm/12.59″)
S(Neck:28cm/11.02″ Back:35cm/13.77″ Bust:40cm/15.74″)
M(Neck:36cm/14.17″ Back:38cm/14.96″ Bust:45cm/17.71″)
L(Neck:40cm/15.74″ Back:47cm/18.50″ Bust:49cm/19.29″)


How to Measure Your Dog for a Christmas Sweater

Always look at the size chart for chest girth and length and confirm the size before you commit to buy. If your measurements are toward the upper end of the range given for a particular size, you may want to choose the larger size, as you may also wish to do for heavily coated dogs to accommodate all that fur.

Take each measurement a bit loosely, so there will be room for your dog to move and breathe, but not too loose. (the measurement for Belly Bands is the exception — it needs to be a bit snug) Please measure carefully before buying any clothing for your dogs.

Cute Christmas Sweaters for Dogs

These cute dog Christmas sweaters will keep your little bundle warm and looking festive for Christmas! Your dog can also wear these sweaters all winter long.

 Qiyun Casual Four Legs Black White Moolecole Puppy Dog Cartoon Reindeer Knitted Fitwarm Pet Dog Sweaters Knitted Coats 4 Pets Cute Pet Christmas Sweater PoodleHouse Pet Costume Christmas Snowman Design Moolecole Puppy Dog Christmas Knitted Snowflake Chilly Dog Christmas Elf Dog Sweater, Outtop Pet Dogs Christmas Every Day Stinky G Forest Green Stripe Dog Binmer(TM)Pet Dog Autumn Winter Christmas Dog Holiday Reindeer Dog Sweater (White) – Rubies Costume Ugly Sweater with Candy

Blueberry Pet Holiday Festive Christmas Reindeer Dog Sweater

This dog Christmas sweater can be worn for Christmas or for an ugly Christmas sweater party! The design is fun, and the sweater is warm. It’s available in 5 sizes, too, so your little furry friend can stay warm and join in the festivities of the season.

Blueberry Pet 16-Inch Back Length Vintage

Ugly Christmas Sweaters for Dogs

Some people will find these Christmas dog sweaters amusing, some will find them ugly, and some will find them adorable, and want their dog to wear them all winter long. Just like people, there are ugly sweaters for dogs, too. Let them join in the festivities with their very own ugly Christmas sweater for dogs!

 New York Dog Ugly Holiday Sweater Reindeer Games Dog Sweater (Green) – Red Christmas Reindeer Holiday Festive Dog Rubies Costume Ugly Sweater with Xmas Fireplace Dog Sweater with 3-D Stockings Ugly Christmas Sweater Elf Dog Sweater, Black Santa Dog Christmas Sweater in Rubies Costume Xmas Patterned Ugly Sweater, Holiday Reindeer Dog Sweater (Red) – Dog Clothing Winter – Ugly Sweater CafePress Your Christmas Sweater Is Ugly JustinCostume Dog Ugly Christmas Reindeer Holiday Blueberry Pet 16-Inch Back Length Let Rubies Costume Xmas Ugly Sweater with Ugly Christmas Sweater Penguin Dog Sweater, Pet Dog Ugly Christmas Sweater Holiday Sleigh & Reindeer Dog Sweater in Bayro Puppy Dog Ugly Christmas Sweater

Festive Christmas Classic Snowflakes Pullover Hooded Dog Sweater

Available in 5 Sizes!

Blueberry Pet 12-Inch Back Length Let

More Sweaters for Dogs

In case you want a simple sweater design that isn’t necessarily holiday inspired, here are some more great dog sweater options for your dogs.

 Tangpan Turtleneck Classic Straw-Rope Pet Dog PanDaDa Small Pet Dog Plaid Style Stinky G Burgundy Stripe Dog Hoodie FUNOC® Pet Dog Warm Jumper Knit Chilly Dog Navajo Dog Sweater, X-Large Stinky G Pistachio Green Dog Aran Fashion Pet Moose Pattern Dog Sweater, Turtleneck Stripes Pet Clothes Dog Wool PanDaDa Small Pet Dog Plaid Style Stinky G French Pink Polka Dot Stinky G Anchor Dog Sweater, Navy Blueberry Pet 12-Inch Back Length Clothes Blueberry Pet 20-Inch Back Length Vintage Blueberry Pet 10-Inch Back Length Fancy Blueberry Pet 14-Inch Back Length Chic Stinky G Lime Green Dog Pet Stinky G Mocha Polka Dot Dog Stinky G Forest Green Stripe Dog Chilly Dog Moosey Hoodie Dog Sweater, Chilly Dog Monkey Hoodie Dog Sweater, Chilly Dog Tural Cable Dog Sweater,

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