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Christmas Nativity Costumes for Children

Kids Nativity Costumes

These Christmas nativity costumes for kids are ideal for Christmas pageants, Halloween costumes, and more. You’ll find shepherd costumes here, along with Mary & Joseph, nativity animal costumes, and many others.

The nativity is a popular staple over the Christmas holidays. It is used as inspiration for decorations, Sunday School stories, school and church theater productions.

You’ll love the details on these kids’ nativity costumes, too. You have a great selection of nativity costumes to choose from below, and to learn more about each product showcased, simply click on any of the photos featured on this page.

Kids will even have fun using these costumes for dress-up play at home, so make sure you keep a variety on hand for any time they want to let their imaginations blossom.

Guardian Angel Child Costume

Available in 3 Sizes!

California Costumes Guardian Angel Child Costume

This pretty guardian angel costume for kids can represent the angel watching over the baby Jesus. Every nativity scene needs an angel, and this one is a nice representation for your nativity play.

Crushed Velvet and Satin Dress with Long Sheer Sleeves and Attached Belt
Foam Angel Wings
Tinsel Halo on a Headband


Mary & Joseph Costumes for Kids

These nativity costumes for kids feature Mary and Joseph, the parents of the baby Jesus. These detailed costumes are ideal for Halloween or any theater production.

California Costumes The Virgin Mary ChildForum Novelties Biblical Times Deluxe MaryForum NoveltiesBiblical Times Mary Costume, ChildForum Novelties Biblical Times Deluxe JosephJoseph Nativity Shepherd Child Costume (Medium)Joseph Costume – Small

Child Shepherd Costume

Child Shepherd Costume

This child’s shepherd costume fits the bill for any shepherd reenactment. The shepherds staff (or hook) is sold separately.

This shepherd costume for kids is available in a variety of sizes.

Complete the Nativity scene with your child dressed up in this shepherd child attire. This children’s item has been tested & passes CPSIA safety standards.

Under Robe


More Shepherd Costumes & Staffs

Here are some more shepherd costume options for you to choose from, along with some hooks/staffs to go along with the costumes.

 Child’s Shepherd Costume, Medium Big Boys’ Shepherd Costume Small (4-6) Forum Novelties Biblical Times Shepherd Child Bristol Novelty Shepherd – Kids Nativity Rubie’s Costume Shepherd Child Costume, Large Shepherd’s Staff Crook Prop Joseph Nativity Shepherd Child Costume (Medium) Shepherd’s Staff Crook Prop Shepherd/Arab Staff

Plush Baby Jesus

Of course, every nativity scene needs a baby Jesus, and this is one cute option that is plush and unbreakable. The plush baby Jesus is the perfect addition to any Mary and Joseph costume. Plush baby Jesus. 12″ long. Baby wrapped in swaddling clothes. Embroidered sleeping baby face.

Making Believe Nativity Plush Baby Jesus DollMaking Believe Nativity Plush Baby Jesus DollMaking Believe Nativity Plush Baby Jesus Doll


Children’s Wise Man Costumes

Wise men brought gifts to the new baby Jesus, so your nativity scene will need a few of these characters to make it more realistic. These wise man costumes for kids will do the trick. You can always use a shepherd costume for a wise man, too, if necessary.

 Gaspar Costume – Small Melchior Costume – Large Blue Wiseman Child Costume Child’s Burgundy Wiseman Biblical Costume (Size: Kid’s Wine Wiseman Biblical Costume (Size: Kid’s Purple Wiseman Biblical Costume (Size: Black King / Queen Cloak Costume Red King / Queen Cloak Costume Blue King / Queen Cloak Costume Kid’s Blue Wiseman Biblical Costume (Size: Balthazar Costume – Large Purple King / Queen Cloak Costume Kid’s Purple Wiseman Biblical Costume (Large) Pink King / Queen Cloak Costume Child’s Balthazar Cape and Headpiece –

Plush Ride-on Camel Donkey Cow Nativity Costumes

Set of 3

48026_48027_48028 Plush Ride-on Camel Donkey Cow

You get a plush ride-on donkey, cow and camel in this nativity animal costume set for kids. This is a cost-effective way to add nativity animals to your theater production.

~Great for nativity costumes, Halloween, dress up, school plays or pageants
~Adjustable shoulder strap suspenders and soft touch waist closure.
~For kids age 3-8 years
~Quality made product similar to a stuffed animal


Nativity Animal Costumes for Kids

Here are some more nativity animal costumes for kids. Choose from a cute variety and bring your nativity scene to life! Kids will enjoy dressing as these animals for plays, Halloween, and dress-up time at home.

 Lamb or Sheep Costume for Kids Forum Novelties Nativity Sheep Costume, Child Sheep by Wicked Forum Novelties Nativity Donkey Costume, Child Donkey Kids Costume Kids Plush Ride-on Donkey Nativity Costume Camel Hat & Vest Costume Kids Plush Ride-on Nativity Costume Camel Camel Tabard – Kids Costume – Cow Costume for Kids 8-10 Yrs Cow – Kids Costume 9 – Forum Novelties Nativity Cow Costume, Child Medium

Forum Novelties Nativity Camel Costume, Child

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