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Christmas Pajamas

Christmas Pajamas – a Christmas Tradition

We have a warm and cozy Christmas tradition that my kids always looked forward to each year. It started when they were quite young on Christmas Eve. The excitement of Christmas had totally taken them over and they begged and begged to open a present early.

Grandpa would send a present from Florida and I would let them open it to help entertain them on Christmas Eve. But that year Grandpa’s present was not delivered in time. They knew Grandpa had not forgot but were still saddened by this.

I was trying to figure out a way to lift their spirits. We nave never bought a lot of gifts at Christmas so I did not really have any extra present to let them open, but I did happen to buy Christmas pajamas for them that year. They really needed some warm ones. I quickly wrapped them and put them under the tree. Of course it did not take long for my daughter to notice a package with her name under their.

We could not figure out where those gifts might have come from, so they must be a magical gift and we had better open them and see. Sure enough, they were magical Christmas pajamas to help them have sweet dreams of Christmas. They could not wait to put their Christmas pajamas on and get to bed before Santa would come.

It is so funny how something so simple became a tradition. After that for many years there would be Christmas pajamas under our tree on Christmas Eve. Even when then became teenagers they still looked forward to their Christmas pajamas.

Matching Family Christmas Pajamas

Christmas Trees Matching Family Christmas PajamasSee More…

I love these matching family Christmas pajamas. What fun to open and put these on Christmas Eve while we get everything prepared for Santa.

Think how great family photos would look Christmas morning too.

They look so comfy and would be great to lounge around in while drinking my coffee and watching the little ones open their presents.


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Christmas Pajamas for Baby

Baby Christmas PajamasSee More…

Christmas pajamas are great fun for Christmas but they are also perfect to keep baby warm when it is cold.

I would worry about the kids staying warm at night as there was no way to keep them covered all night long. The footed pajamas would work out perfect, just like a blanket that they could not roll out of. That left Mom to sleep just a little more sound.


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