Christmas Table Runners

Christmas Table Runner

Adding a Christmas Table Runner to your Christmas dining table creates an elegant and finished look to any table. You will be be complementing your Christmas Table decor by being able to add in many colors and style to your Christmas Dinner table. They create a touch of elegance that will add to your Christmas decorating for a wonderful Christmas Dinner Presentation



Christmas Table Runner

Table runners date back to medieval times and today serve many purposes. They are used to protect a bare table or layered over a tablecloth to add in some type of decorating or design theme

The most popular way many people use table runners are to place them lengthwise over a tablecloth to create a layered decorating look. Christmas table runners come in a variety of colors, styles and sizes. They can be as formal or casual as the occasion dictates.

Measure your table, the length of a table runner should be 12 inches longer than the length of the table, allowing each end to hang six inches past the table edge on each end or you can use a shorter one that leaves 6 – 12 inches on each side to create a place for your centerpiece. You can also place them across your table for a more interesting look. The possibilities are endless.

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Christmas Table Runner

These beautiful Christmas table runners will compliment any Christmas Table Decor with their elegant cutout pattern and colorful embroidered Christmas motifs.

 Christmas Ornament Table RunnerView Now Snowman Christmas Table RunnerView Now Santa Claus Christmas Table RunnerView Now Holly Berry Christmas Table RunnerView Now Candy Cane Christmas Table RunnerView Now Poinsettia Christmas Table RunnerView Now Santa Sleigh Christmas Table RunnerView Now Poinsettia Christmas Table RunnerView Now Shimmer Snowflake Christmas Table RunnerView Now


Red Christmas Table Runners

 Red Snowflake Christmas Table RunnerView Now Red Snowflake Christmas Table RunnerView Now Red Snowflake Christmas Table RunnerView Now Red Damask Christmas Table RunnerView Now Red Christmas Tree Table RunnerView Now Red Christmas Tree Table RunnerView Now Red Christmas Poinsetta Table RunnerView Now Red Burlap Christmas Table RunnerView Now Red St. Nick Christmas Table RunnerView Now


Christmas Table Runners

 Green Christmas Tree Table RunnerView Now Green Embroidered Christmas Table RunnerView Now Magical Christmas Table RunnerView Now Christmas Brocade Table RunnerView Now Poinsettia Embroidered Christmas Table RunnerView Now Jingle Christmas Table RunnerView Now Snowflake Christmas Table RunnerView Now Green Damask Christmas Table RunnerView Now


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