Christmas Train Sets For Under the Tree

Having Christmas Train Sets under the tree is a charming and longstanding tradition in many families and every year more join in the fun. The scene seems straight out of a Rockwell painting, and is a relatively inexpensive tradition to begin and maintain. Under the Christmas tree train sets are pure fun!

It’s fun to wake up each morning or sit and relax in the evenings with a gentle train rolling around the base of the Christmas tree. Kids and adults alike will enjoy this tradition.

Christmas Tree Train Set

The Train Set Under The Tree Tradition

The tradition of Christmas Train sets under the tree actually began as a promotional ploy. The trains, made by Joshua Lionel Cowan, who would later be involved in what became “Lionel Trains”, were put into store windows to attract customers. Since model trains were very expensive back then, they would be bought as gifts and set up under the tree on Christmas Eve. What began as a marketing ploy soon became a beloved tradition in many homes. Some families have enjoyed under the Christmas tree train sets for generations.

Christmas Santa Holiday Classic Train with Sound, Light, and Real SmokeHoliday Santa Express Christmas Train Set, 35 PIECE SET

Christmas Trains Tradition Continues

From Generation to Generation

Model trains have become much more elaborate than they were just after WWII, and there are many enthusiasts across the globe. What starts as a gift and Christmas tradition often develops into a lifelong hobby. Today they are works of wonder with all of the bells and whistles one could hope for. They can be models of older trains, or the more modern versions. Either way, the view of under the Christmas tree train sets is one that will always be remembered. Imagine the train whistle greeting the gift recipient as they gaze upon the meticulously decorated train making its way around the Christmas tree, circling the other gifts like a wagon train.

Holiday Santa Express Christmas Train SetSeasonal Vision Christmas Tree TrainLionel Peanuts Christmas Train Set – O-GaugeLionel Trains Frosty the Snowman G-GaugeHoliday Express Animated Electric Train SetLionel Silver Bells Train Set

Christmas train sets are appropriate gifts for anyone. Adult men and women can get just as much enjoyment from them as children. It is not uncommon, however, for an adult to buy the train sets for children but wind up making it a hobby of their own as a result. They are unforgettable gifts that bring years of pleasure and fond memories to all who enjoy them.

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  1. I used to be fascinated when I would see family friends who had trains under their trees. I used to love watching them.

  2. A train under the tree is a great Christmas tradition!

  3. I love to see trains at Christmastime.

  4. We always had a trains set up at Christmas time, most times under the tree. Sure provided hours of fun for our little boys. :) Thanks for the memories.

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