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Christmas Tree Skirts

Traditional Decoration with a Tree Skirt

The Christmas tree skirt is a traditional decoration for the holiday. It is the last part added when decorating the indoor tree. Primarily used to hide the stand, catch the pine needles as they fall from the tree. These tree skirts add that extra flare to decorating. It looks festive underneath the wrapped up presents. The material varies from plastic to material. A fabric skirt will last for many years. A custom designed tree skirt can be as unique as adding the family photos as part of the fabric image. Hand this down from generation to generation.

Red Themed Tree Skirt

White Snowflakes with Red Background Decorations

This image is taken from a Polyvore set from me (Sandyspider). It is a complete theme with the Snowflakes with Red Background and can be found unde the Sandyspider Gifts.Christmas products found on Zazzle.

Showflake Patterned Tree Skirts

Colors of Red, Green, Blue and Purple

Snowflakes are a common pattern to represent the holiday and winter season. Green and red are the most festive colors for decorations during the Christmas season. These are my designs of the 100% brushed polyester tree skirts. Measuring 44″ in diameter and completely machine washable. The best part of all is that these are made in USA.

From Sandyspider Gifts

 White Snowflakes with Red Background Tree Skirt Snowflakes and Deep Green Background Tree Skirt White Snowflakes with Blue Background Tree Skirt Snowflakes and Deep Purple Background Tree Skirt


Tree Skirts with Snow

Snow Scene to Prancing Reindeer

Enjoy a beautiful photo of fresh snow on the trees and ground. The blue snowflake 3D pattern or fun cartoon prancing reindeer on tree skirts.

From Photo Gifts By Sgolis

 White Christmas Tree Skirt Blue Snowflake Fleece Tree Skirt Prancing Reindeer Christmas Tree Skirt


Christmas Tree Skirts of Color

Non-Traditional Patterns

Now days, the tree skirt does not have to have the traditional Christmas theme. It can have an abstract of colors, stripes, and other patterns. All the tree skirts come in three different varieties of material. The brushed polyester, faux linen or order the coral fleece. Two of these are from my stores and one from Susang6.

 Orion Nebula Space Galaxy Brushed Polyester Tree Skirt by galaxyofstars Scotch Plaid Christmas Tree Fabric Skirt Brushed Polyester Tree Skirt by Susang6 Thin Black and Red Diagonal Stripes Tree Skirt by expressiveart


Christmas Decoration History

Began in Germany

It is believed that the Germans were the first to decorate the pine or fir tree, around 1879. It began with simple decorations. Then to light up the trees, candles attached to bows and placed on the branches. The candles would drip wax to the floor as well as the needles from the tree. A lot messier then it is today.

Tree skirts were added beneath the tree to keep the floor clean. It was mostly plain circular pieces of fabric.

Vintage, Modern and Family Style

A Tree Skirt Just For You

I love the vintage look. The Christmas tree design goes back to the early 1900s. The modern hibiscus flower pattern give off a tropical appeal. The adorable baby photos in Santa outfits look amazing, though you may like to replace the pictures for your own family photos.

 Vintage Christmas Tree on a Tree Skirt by Sandyspider Red Hibiscus Flower Pattern Tree Skirt by Sandyspider Family Pictures and Candy Cane Tree Skirt by youphotoit


Present time the tree skirt is as decorative as the rest of the tree. These come in various sizes and material. Traditional Christmas designs and non-traditional look in tree skirts.

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Now is the best time to buy those custom ornaments, cards, wrapping paper, Christmas decorations and much more. Buy already uniquely designed holiday stockings, tree skirts and snow globes.

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  1. Gypzeerose

    These Christmas tree skirts are lovely, and it is great that you have created some with your own designs. I wonder how the traditional felt tree skirts differ from the polyvore you feature, I would imagine the polyvore are longer lasting.

  2. Looks lonely so I will be the first to leave a comment on my own page. I just love print on demand shops like Zazzle where you can customize nearly everything. Including Christmas tree shirts.

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