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Shopping online for your Christmas Tree is as easy as a few clicks! I’ve chosen a variety of styles and colors to feature on this page, offering you ample choices for the perfect Christmas tree.

Some are pre-lit, while others are not. There are many styles and sizes available, too.

Whether you are decorating your home or your office, the ideal Christmas tree is the place to start, and it’s never been easier to shop for one than now.

These Christmas trees are all for sale on Amazon, where you can find great deals on top quality products.

Have fun and Merry Christmas!

Jersey Fraser Fir 7.5′ Green Medium Artificial Christmas Tree with 1000 Pre-Lit Clear Lights with Stand

Jersey Fraser Fir 7.5′ Green MediumView Now

Spruce up your home decor with the National Tree Co. Jersey Fraser Fir 7.5′ Green Medium Artificial Christmas Tree with 1000 Pre-Lit Clear Lights with Stand. This artificial Christmas tree comes pre-strung with 1000 clear lights that will brighten up any space it is placed in and add warmth to it. It has natural-looking lush green needles that make the tree look dense. The 2696 branch tips further enable you to hang decorative trimmings and ornaments to make the tree look more attractive and visually appealing.


Green Artificial Christmas Trees

Artificial trees are easy to care for and can be used year after year, saving you money and the time and energy it takes to cut a real tree, or to shop for a real tree every year. Green is probably the color of choice for most households. These come in a variety of styles and sizes for you to choose from.

 National Tree 7 1/2′ Dunhill Fir Tree, Hinged (DUH-75) National Tree 7 1/2′ North Valley Spruce Tree, Hinged (NRV7-500-75) Xmas Finest 6′ Feet Super Premium Artificial Christmas Pine Tree National Tree Company 7-1/2-Feet Kingswood Fir Pencil Tree Kurt Adler 7′ Pine Christmas Tree National Tree Dunhill Fir Hinged Tree with 750 Clear Lights, National Tree 7 1/2′ Carolina Pine Tree, Hinged, 86 Flocked National Tree 7-1/2-Foot Prelit Artificial North Valley Spruce Tree, 550 National Tree 4-1/2-Foot Prelit Artificial Kingswood Fir Pencil Tree, 150 6.5 Ft Artificial Christmas Green Madison Pine Tree Pre-lit Multi-Color National Tree (KCDR-40LO-S) Kincaid Spruce Tree with 100 Clear Lights, National Tree Company 4-1/2-Feet Dunhill Fir Tree with 450 Clear National Tree Dunhill Fir Hinged Tree with 750 Multi Lights, Vickerman A805180 Christmas Trees, 2′ 3′ 4′, Green National Tree 4-1/2-Feet National Tree 4-1/2-Feet 6.5 Ft Artificial Christmas Green Madison Pine Tree Pre-lit Clear National Tree 7-1/2-Foot

Silver or White Christmas Trees

We had a silver Christmas tree one year. It was actually pretty cool, but not my first choice in colors. If you are looking for something different, consider a silver or a white artificial Christmas tree.

 National Tree Tinsel Wrapped Tree with Plastic Stand, 3-Feet, Silver Hb 6′ Ft Sparking Gorgeous Folding Artificial Tinsel Christmas Tree Genuine Aluminum Christmas Tree National Tree Tinsel Wrapped Tree with Plastic Stand, 4-Feet, 70 2′ Pre-lit Silver Iridescent Pine Artificial Tinsel Christmas Tree – Vickerman Silver Fir Tree with 100 Clear Lights and 234 National Tree 7 1/2′ Wispy Willow Grande White Slim Tree, Perfect Holiday Christmas Tree, 8-Feet, PVC Crystal White White Madison Christmas Tree 6.5 ft with Multi-Colored Lights Perfect Holiday Christmas Tree, 4-Feet, PVC Crystal White Vickerman Sparkle White Spruce Tree with 1257 Tips, 7.5-Feet by Winter Park Tabletop Medium Unlit Christmas Tree – 4.5-Ft National Tree 7 1/2′ Wispy Willow Grande White Slim Tree, Vickerman Spruce Christmas Tree, 3.5-Feet, Sparkle White Vickerman A103265 Christmas Trees, 6.5′, White

Pink or Red Christmas Trees

For pops of color and whimsical fun, choose a pretty pink and ravishing red Christmas tree for your home or office decor. These fun trees will add color and cheer to any room.

 6 ft. Powder Pink Artificial Christmas Tree with Pink Lights Pink 2-Foot Pre-lit Christmas Tree Vickerman Colorful Pencil Hot Pink Christmas Tree with 50 Pink 2′ Pre-Lit Sparkling Pink Pencil Artificial Christmas Tree – Pink Vickerman B886331 Christmas Trees, 3′, Hot Pink Vickerman K123731 Christmas Trees, 3′, Pink 6′ Treetopia Basics – Hot Pink Artificial Christmas Tree – Vickerman Red Christmas Tree with 50 Red Mini Lights, 3-Feet National Tree Tinsel Wrapped Tree with Plastic Stand, 3-Feet, Red Vickerman B881461 Christmas Trees, 6′, Red Vickerman Pre-Lit Tree with 150 Mini Lights, 4-Feet, Red Pink (Fuchsia) Tinsel Pre-lit 2 Foot Tinsel Christmas Tree By

Black, Blue or Purple Christmas Trees

For unique Christmas tree colors, choose from black, turquoise blue or purple. These are fun and eclectic, and will add a unique touch to your Christmas decorations.

 6 ft. Classy Black Artificial Christmas Tree – Clear Holiday Time Pre-Lit 4′ Indiana Christmas Tree, Black, Clear Lights 7.5′ Treetopia Basics – Black Artificial Christmas Tree – Clear 5′ Pre-Lit Black Laser Artificial Christmas Tree- Orange LED Lights 6′ Treetopia Basics – Black Artificial Christmas Tree – Clear Pre-lit 6.5′ Black Artificial Christmas Tree 400 Clear Lights 600 Holiday Time Pre-lit 6.5′ Madison Pine Artificial Christmas Tree, Black, Vickerman K122031 Christmas Trees, 3′, Black Hb 6′ Ft Sparking Gorgeous Folding Artificial Tinsel Christmas Tree National Tree Tinsel Wrapped Tree with Plastic Stand, 3-Feet, Blue National Tree Tinsel Wrapped Tree with Plastic Stand, 4-Feet, 70 6′ Treetopia Basics – True Blue Artificial Christmas Tree –

Fiber Optic Christmas Trees

I have two 3 ft. fiber optic Christmas trees that I place on tables every year. They are so pretty with their changing colors, and since I have no children and am single, they are an easy option for me. I don’t have to mess with getting a big tree down out of the attic and setting it up, then taking it down. You also won’t have to worry about stringing lights on a fiber optic tree. They are pretty and easy! I like easy!

 Best Choice Products Pre-Lit Fiber Optic 7′ Green Artificial Christmas National Tree Fiber Optic Christmas Tree Gold 3′ 140 Tips 5-Ft. Fiber-Optic Christmas Tree National Tree Fiber Optic Evergreen Firework Tree with Gold Column National Tree Company 60-Inch Fiber Optic Evergreen Tree with 150 National Tree Fiber Optic Radiance Firework Tree with Gold Base, National Tree Fiber Optic Fireworks Inner Ornament Tree with Top Evelots Color Changing Fiber Optic Christmas Tree,Multi Color Holiday Decoration National Tree 72-Inch Fiber Optic Country Cottage Fiber Optic Christmas Tree National Tree CW7-306-40 Crestwood Spruce Entrance Tree with 100 Clear Brylanehome Pre-Lit 5′ Fiber Optic Holiday Christmas Tree

Artificial Flocked Christmas Trees

These artificial Christmas trees are flocked with snow, and are oh so lovely. You’ll enjoy these in your home or office!

 Perfect Holiday Christmas Tree, 6-Feet, Flocked Snow Vickerman 3Ft. Flocked Alaskan Unlite White on Green Christmas Tree Vickerman A895066LED Christmas Trees, 6.5′, Flocked White on Green Vickerman Pre-Lit Flocked Spruce Alpine Tree with 250 Clear Dura-Lit Vickerman Flocked Utica with 1650 Tips, 7.5-Feet by 65-Inch Vickerman A802975 7.5 ft. x 69 in. Christmas Tree Flocked 7.5 ft. Classic Flocked Slim Pre-Lit Christmas Tree Vickerman Flocked Utica with 2443 Tips, 9-Feet by 72-Inch Vickerman A862045 Christmas Trees, 4.5′, Flocked White on Green Vickerman B110524 Christmas Trees, 24 Utica Flocked Pre-lit Christmas Tree Vickerman Flocked Alaskan Tree with Dura-Lit 300, 4.5-Feet by 44-Inch, 2′ Flocked Anoka Pine Artificial Christmas Tree with Burlap Base Vickerman Flocked Alaskan Tree with Dura-Lit 900 Clear Lights, 7.5-Feet Vickerman A895080 Christmas Tree, 9′, Flocked White on Green Vickerman Flocked Alaskan Tree with Dura-Lit 100 Clear Lights, 36-Inch Vickerman 34336 – 8′ x 44 Vickerman Flocked Utica Fir 600 Lights Christmas Tree, 6.5′, Flocked Vickerman A806357LED Christmas Trees, 5.5′, Flocked White on Green 4.5′ Heavily Flocked Pine Medium Artificial Christmas Tree – Unlit Vickerman Flocked Slim Utica Tree with Dura-Lit 300 Clear Lights,

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