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Chubby Puppies By Spin Master

Chubby Puppies By Spin Master

The chubby puppies by spin master are the cutest collectible toy puppys. There are 18 different puppy breeds to collect in all. You’ll go head over heels watching these adorable pups tumble, fumble and stumble while running after their toys with their ears and tongues flapping as they bob up and down. Each puppy comes with it’s own special chew toy that they can hold on to with their tongue. These pups have places to go, each one hops and waddles in their own unique way to get there. Simple change the position of their legs and watch them hop and waddle down to the ultimate dog park.

Chubby Puppies Commercial

Chubby Puppys

All the puppies are recommended for ages 4+ and come with an “adopt them all” puppy check list, an instruction sheet and 1 AAA battery per puppy. Bring home your favorite breed or collect them all. Don’t forget the most sought after chubby puppies Boston terrier and chubby puppy husky.

Chubby Puppies Single Pack Cocker SpanielChubby Puppies Single Pack Shih TzuChubby Puppies Single Pack CollieChubby Puppies Single Pack Bull Dog by Chubby PuppiesChubby Puppies Single Pack Golden RetrieverChubby Puppies Waddling Pug Figure

Puppies To Choose From

1. Husky
2. Boston Terrier
3. Cocker Spaniel
4. Golden Doodle
5. Collie
6. Shih Tzu
7. Golden Retriever
8. Bulldog
9. Shiba Inu
10. Maltese
11. Jack Russell Terrier
12. French Bulldog
13. Dalmatian
14. Pug
15. Beagle
16. Pink Poodle
17. Pomeranian
18. Poodle

Chubby Puppy Dog Park Video Review

Chubby Puppies Playset

This is the ultimate play set for the puppies. It has a working elevator that is powered by the puppies, it takes them to the top of the slide. When they slide down they are in the park that has a gate that opens and closes. When the pups walk around the dog food bowl it spins. Place the puppy in the swing and it rocks back and forth. The set also includes one pomeranian chubby puppy and a dog house.

Chubby Puppies Ultimate Dog Park Playset

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