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Citronella Anti Bark Spray Collar

How You Can Stop Dog Barking With A Citronella Anti Bark Spray Collar

Dog owners everywhere are getting great results using a citronella anti bark spray collar, and you can, too! A citronella dog collar is a gentle spray dog collar that helps calm nuisance barking. You don’t even have to be there to train your dog, because the collar will do it for you. It emits a gentle spray of citronella every time your dog barks.

The citronella is safe for dogs, but they don’t like the smell. So every time they bark and smell that smell, it teaches them the humane way to stop barking.

These collars are much gentler than the kind that zaps your dog every time he barks. I think you’ll be pleased with the results. Read more about these stop barking collars below.

Stop Nuisance Barking

Intellipet Citronella Anti-Bark Dog Collar

Your dog will realize quickly that barking results in unwanted consequences, such as the citronella spraying him, which he will not like. Not only will the dog smell it, but he will hear it, see it and feel it, as well.

The citronella anti bark dog collars have been proven to reduce barking by up to 88%. They are recommended by animal behaviorists, vets and dog trainers, and are found to be highly effective at reducing barking.

 Intellipet Citronella Anti-Bark Dog CollarCHECK PRICE

Anti Bark Spray Collars

When I started researching anti bark devices for my small dog who barked at everything, I discovered the shock collars to be a bit too extreme for my liking. I wanted something gentle, yet effective, and thats where the citronella dog collar came in.

My dog figured out in three barks, that she didn’t want the consequences of this spray anymore, and she stopped barking.

The next time I put the collar on her and let her out, she didn’t even try to bark. She caught on that quickly, and the citronella anti bark spray collar had broken her from that nuisance barking every time she ran outside! I can’t say enough good about these products!

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There Are Basically Three Main Bark Control Devices

1. SHOCK COLLARS which inflict pain with every bark. I find these a bit too much for my liking. There are gentler ways to train a dog to stop barking. Please don’t choose a shock collar for your dog! They aren’t able to express their pain like a human, and trust me, these collars hurt!

2. ULTRASONIC DEVICES which are better than shock collars however long-term effects on dogs’ health has not been determined. These give off a high-pitch sound heard only by dogs. Does it affect their hearing? We don’t know. I suggest not using them.

3. SPRAY COLLARS like the citronella anti bark spray collars and other similar devices give off gentle sprays of stinky fluid every time your dog barks. These are harmless, yet effective, and they are the means that I recommend you use when buying an anti bark device.

For Your Little Dog

PetSafe Little Dog Spray Bark, PBC00-11283

One of the complaints about the citronella anti bark spray collar is that it’s too large and bulky for small dogs. My Dachshund tolerated it OK, but I wish they would have had this small dog option when I was looking for anti bark devices!

The all-natural lemon scent is both safe and effective, and the collar is made just the right size for smaller dogs. The collar receiver is waterproof, as well, and it offers 30-40 sprays per refill. There’s also a low-spray indicator, so you’ll know when to refill the collar.

 PetSafe Little Dog Spray Bark, PBC00-11283CHECK PRICE

Battery Info for the Citronella Spray Collar

A common complaint from customers is that the batteries are expensive to replace. They do say, however, that buying them online seems to be the cheapest route, though you can probably find the battery at your local Target, WalMart or other similar department store for $3-$4.

I want to remind you to turn the collar off as soon as you take it off of your dog. This will prolong the battery life.

So shop around and find the best deal that works for you and your family. These stop barking collars are well worth the small investment!

Scentless Spray Collars

Scentless Anti Bark Spray Collars

You also have the option of a scent free spray collar for training your dog to stop barking. These collars are 100% safe for all dogs, and give off a spray that is free of odors. Your dog will be distracted by the feel and sound of the spray every time he barks, and will come to realize he doesn’t want the spray in his face, so he will stop barking.

The collar is adjustable to fit all dog neck sizes, and there are refills and replacement batteries available, too.

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Premier Citronella Refill for Anti Bark Collar, 3-ounces

 Premier Citronella Refill for Anti Bark Collar, 3-ouncesCHECK PRICE

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  1. I only recommend citronella anti bark spray collars for dog training!
    Using the electric shock collars is horrible, and I don’t think it should be on the market really.

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