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City of Whispers

Frances Densmore Audio Recording Blackfoot Chief printCity of Whispers, A Book Review

FICTION – ADULT: Mystery, Detective, Suspense & Thrillers, City of Whispers (A Sharon Mccone Mystery)  written by Marsha Muller.

Sharon McCone is a SanFrancisco P.I. When she receives an e-mail from her half brother Darcy it starts her on a course to locate and help him.

Darcy is a Native American and has a drug problem that leaves him living on the streets from time to time. Now he says he needs help.

City of Whispers

City of Whispers

Sharon’s birth Mom and Darcy’s mom is a lawyer in Boise. Sharon had found out she was adopted when her father had died. Sharon assures her she will try to find and help Darcy.

Darcy finds himself being drugged and hands tied. He doesn’t understand where he is or what this woman wants from him.

Sharon and her investigators find a photo that says Lady Laura, Tic-tack Jack, Nobody and Gaby. Who are these people and what do they have to do with Darcy? When they find that Gaby has been murdered,Laura dies of drug overdose and Nobody is shot and they have no connection to Darcy. Then the ransom call comes and no one knows why.

Read the book to learn of the connection and how this mystery is solved.

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