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Civil War Bullets and Collectibles

Civil War Bullets

With the advent of Internet buying and selling, Civil War bullets have become more collectible, and the prices have gone up quickly. Not only this, sometimes sellers are not informed and ask more than the bullet is worth. For these reasons, if you are just starting out in Civil War bullet collecting, you will want to buy a good price guide. You can even find a price guide online if that works better for you.

Many Civil War bullet collectors also collect bullet molds and other relics from the Civil War era. A real enthusiast might even investigate the possibility of becoming a Civil War re-enactor, acting out battles with others in towns and fields across the Southeast.

Civil War Bullet Collecting: A Hobby That Honors The Past

A time honored hobby enjoyed by so many enthusiasts

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Civil War Bullets: More than a thousand different types!

Did you know that during the Civil War, more than 1000 different types of bullets were used? This is one reason Civil War bullet collecting has become a popular hobby. Another reason is that the time of the Civil War saw changes taking place in the development of firearms and ammunition. The old round musketballs of the Revolution were being replaced with bullets in the shape we are accustomed to. While musketballs are found on Civil War battlefields, the most common type of bullet used was the .58-caliber bullet with three rings around the base. Many bullets found are splattered out of shape. If you’ve always been fascinated by the Civil War and firearms, Civil War bullet collecting is a hobby you will enjoy.

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Civil War Artifacts Bullets

Assist Your Civil War Memoriabilia Collecting With this Price Guide

Civil War Heirloom Collecting Aide

civil war bulletsThe Official Price Guide to Civil War Collectibles: Second Edition

The Official Price Guide to Civil War Collectibles: Second Edition

Very Valuable companion to any Civil War Buff that enjoys collecting memoriabilia. This source book will help you know what you are looking at in one of the fastest growing new areas of collecting. Civil War Heirlooms.


Civil War Treasures

Many Civil War bullet collectors also collect bullet molds and other relics from the Civil War era.

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Methods Of Collecting Civil War Bullets

There are more than one way to find them

Civil War bullets can be collected by buying from other collectors, or you can begin by going directly to the battlefields to dig and search. A metal detector will make Civil War bullet collecting easier. You may also find buttons from uniforms, bullet molds, belt buckles, and other metal items from the battle. Some of the bullets may be buried quite deep. You will need to wear a headset and pay close attention to the changes in tone in your metal detector. Hunting Civil War relics is prohibited on protected battlefields, but there are still old homesites where battles were fought. Be sure to get permission from the owner and fill any holes you dig.

Some people have the idea that hunting for bullets with a metal detector indicates a lack of respect for the soldiers who died there. They get this idea because sometimes bullet hunters find bones along with the bullet. The fact is, however, that many of the bullet hunters who have found bullets this way have chronicled and mapped out there finds, resulting in many of the facts that we now know about the Civil War.

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Civil War Bullets

Musket balls and bullets

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Riverbend – Civil War Reenactment

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Civil War Relics That One Treasure Hunter Found

Bite the Bullet, Genesee Museum NY

Loading rifles during a reenactment.

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Civil War Pencil Sharpener and .58 Bullet

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Brigadier General Torbett of the U.S. Army was encamped

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Civil War outfit with bullet hole

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The Civil War Fascinates Americans

It is a somewhat sobering hobby

The Civil War fascinates Americans because of everything it stands for. While everyone agrees that slavery is a terrible blight on the history of the U.S., there are some people who still discuss the issue of states’ rights versus a strong central government.

Civil War bullet collecting is an interesting hobby, though somewhat sobering at times when considering the great number of casualties. The memory of brother fighting against brother out in the cornfields and pastures will never go away. Civil War bullet collecting is one way to commemorate this monumental historical event.

Secrets of the Civil War

“”Secrets of the Civil War” is a four-disc set containing an in-depth look at significant, but not well-known, battles of the war, from Antietam to Shiloh to Gettysburg. Archival letters, original diary entries, cinematic reenactments and interviews with noted historians bring events that occurred over 140 years ago to vivid life.”-Amazon.com


Find Out All About The Civil War

So Much to Know and Remember

Civil War 6 DVD Box SetBattle Cry of Freedom: The Civil War Era (Oxford History of the United States)Smithsonian Channel: Civil War 360You Don’t Know DixieThe Last Days of the Civil War (History Channel)The History Channel Presents The Civil War

Civil War Memorabilia And Civil War Bullets Collecting

A Wonderful Hobby and A Great Way To Remember

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  1. The civil war was a great part of our history and these civil war bullets bring the history to us now. Awesome information.

  2. Gypzeerose

    These is a very nice Nugget about American history, one that gives us a great deal of reference points.

    I visited Wilson’s Creek Battlefield near my home in Missouri. The Civil War caused a divide that still plagues our great country, I hope that the years to come will bring reconciliation.

    Collecting Civil War Bullets is indeed an interesting way to enter into learning about this time in our history.

  3. I’ve visited a lot of Civil War museums and battlefields in the last few years. A topic that one can pursue for years, so multi-faceted.

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