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Classic Toy Christmas Ornaments

Oh The Memories!

At Christmas time I love walking through the stores and looking at all of the decorations. I especially like all of the ornaments, you can find just about any ornament for any occasion. I always seem to be drawn to the ones that remind me of some special time in my life or that are cute and quirky. If I could have my way I would have a house full of Christmas trees all with a different theme. Oh the endless possibilities!

I know that I can’t be the only one who loves to collect Christmas ornaments. So, when I came across these Classic Toy Ornaments I just knew that I had to share them with you. They bring back so many wonderful memories of fun times. Since I do not have the room for all of the trees that I would like to have, this is my way of being able to create all of the themed trees that I would love to have, without them taking up all of the space. And they can remain up all year. I hope you love these ornaments as much as I do, and maybe you just may find one to add to your collection of Christmas ornaments or someone else’s.

Fisher Price Retro Toy Ornament Collection

Toy Christmas Ornaments

I really love these classic toy Christmas ornaments they always make me smile because they remind me of the toys I had when I was younger. As with many people this was a magical time for me, you know when everything seems possible and you can see and feel the magic all around you. When I see these ornaments they help me to be able to feel that way again. After all just because we grow up does not mean we have to forget all of the magic that surrounded us as a kid and what better time of the year to remember that than at Christmas time. I personally can’t think of a better way to help remember that anything is still possible. Besides that they are just too cute and so much fun!

Hallmark 2014 Turtle Sandbox Little Tikes OrnamentHallmark 2013 Cozy Coupe Little Tikes OrnamentHallmark 2012 Corn Popper Fisher Price OrnamentHallmark 2011 Music Box Teaching Clock Fisher Price OrnamentHallmark 2013 A Kitchenette for Christmas OrnamentDepartment 56 Fisher Price Chatter Telephone OrnamentHallmark 2008 View-Master 2 Piece OrnamentHallmark 2013 A Wagon For Christmas OrnamentHallmark 2010 The Zoo Keeper Says OrnamentBig Box of 64! Crayola Crayons 2013 Hallmark OrnamentDepartment 56 Fisher Price Rock-A-Stack OrnamentDepartment 56 Fisher Price Fisher-Price Camera OrnamentDepartment 56 Fisher Price Cash Register OrnamentDepartment 56 Fisher Price Fisher-Price Screen OrnamentDepartment 56 Fisher Price Pull-A-Tune Xylophone Ornament

More Than A Tree Decoration

You don’t have to use Christmas ornaments to just decorate your tree. With all of the ornaments available you can use them to help remind someone else of a special time. What you can do is, use the special ornament to decorate a present with. By adding an ornament to a gift that you are giving it can really help to personalize it and make it just that much more special.

Remember to have fun with decorating and just how much fun giving the ornaments would be as well!!

Let’s Decorate!

I have so much fun when it comes time to decorate the Christmas tree every year! I think that decorating and upside down Christmas Tree with these Classic Toy Christmas ornaments would be an absolute blast. How much fun would it be to look at this fun tree with all of your wonderful and fun memories! This would be the perfect tree to put toy ornaments on, after all you should have a fun tree for fun ornaments!

Kurt Adler 7-1/2-Feet Pre-Lit Upside Down Tree

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