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Wooden Clutching and Rattle Toys

Rattles and Clutching Toys Help Baby’s Development

Early development for infants is very subtle, but all of the sudden one day they can do a lot of things that you never noticed before. Toys play a large role in the brain and physical development in children and this is true for babies as well. It is important to provide our babies with safe, non-toxic toys so that they will not be harmed by any materials.

Safe toys should be made with materials that can be handled, dropped and put in baby’s mouth. This is how infants learn about their world. We also need to be able to clean them easily, and feel sure that the paint will not chip nor do any of the materials come off. Babies put literally everything in their mouths and we need to prevent choking.

The toys on this page are all clutching toys and infant rattles that are made with baby’s safety and parents’ piece of mind as the primary requirement. The toys are bright in color to attract baby’s attention and made of natural wood that has been make smooth so it will not harm baby’s delicate skin. All of these toys are designed to enable the development of your child’s earliest moments. They make terrific gifts for Christmas, baby showers or any time.

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Haba Croo-ak Clutching Toy

Haba is known for making the best natural toys for babies. This toy is one of my personal favorites. It is so cute, but just the right size for a small infant to grab onto. Bright green, it catches the attention of baby very easily. And they can chew on it safely.

Haba Croo-ak Clutching Toy

What are the Benefits of Wooden Toys?

Wood is one of the oldest materials used for toy making. It can easily be carved into any shape. It is a natural material that will not harm children or adults, and it can be painted any color in the rainbow. It is soft enough to feel good to a child, but hard enough for young infants to chew on. It feels good to baby’s gums and new teeth, and can be made completely smooth. It is also very hard for young children to break.

As wood grows older, it hardens and looks better but does not decay unless surrounded by moisture for a long time. As long as you make the pieces of an infant toy large enough, it is really difficult for a baby to get hurt using a wooden toy.

But you still need to watch your baby all the time anyway.

Wooden Clutching Toys

Haba Kringelring Clutching Toy

Haba Kringelring

Sunni Clutching Toy

Haba Clutching Toy Sunni

Viva Clutching Toy

Haba Viva Clutching Toy

More Unique Clutching Toys

So bright and colorful!

 Haba Magica Clutching toy Haba Clutching Toy – Toot Toot HABA Moby Clutching Toy Haba Color Duo HABA Whirlygig Clutching toy Haba Rosella Clutching toy

Wooden Rattle Toys

Haba Klick-Klack Rattle

Haba Klick-Klack Rattle

HABA Rattling Caterpillar

This is made to attach to a stroller or bouncy seat. It is a wonderful Christmas toy because of the colors, but also good for all year. It is durable and non-toxic, and good for babies old enough to make a bouncy seat move. You can also attach it to a bed or playpen for babies that can sit up on their own.

HABA Rattling Caterpillar

green sprouts Natural Wooden Ring Rattle

green sprouts Natural Wooden Ring Rattle, Natural

Manhattan Toy Skwish Classic Rattle

Manhattan Toy Skwish Classic Rattle and Teether Grasping Activity Toy

More Wooden Rattles for Infants and Toddlers

 Plan Toys Bunny Rattle Green Tones / Polar Bear Shaker green sprouts Natural Wooden Tree Rattle Grimm’s Shake, Rattle & Roll Baby Toy

Wooden Haba Toys for Babies

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