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CM Punk

CM Punk ECW Champion 2007

CM Punk Best in the World

CM Punk is a professional wrestler that currently wrestles for the WWE Raw brand. CM Punk has been with the WWE since 2005 and has won several championships during that time. CM Punk has recently awakened the WWE Universe with his tell it like it is attitude and his confrontational actions towards the WWE Organization. CM Punk claims to be the Best Wrestler in the World and with the career that he has had CM Punk may very well be the Best in the World. Find out more about CM Punk and decide for yourself if CM Punk really is the Best  Professional Wrestler.

CM Punk Stats

born-October 26,1978   Chicago Illinois

Ring Name – CM Punk

Height –  6ft 1in

weight – 222 lbs

Organization – WWE [2005-current]


CM Punk Career Highlights

CM Punk [Phillips Brooks]began his career like most wrestlers at a early age after watching the sport for years growing up. Punk began wrestling in the mid 1990s with his brother and some friends doing back yard fights that become very popular. With the popularity growing Punk and his brother started a small independent group named The Lunatic Wrestling Federation that performed out of warehouses. Financial issues ended the adventure but CM Punk saw his potential and began training at Steel Dominion with trainers Ace Steel, Danny Dominion and Kevin Quinn.

CM Punk started wrestling for Independent Wrestling Association during 200 and during that time had high profile feuds and defeated superstars such as A.J Styles,Colt Cabana, Eddie Guerrero and Chris Hero to name a few. During his time with the IWA CM Punk won many Championships and his success got Him a chance to wrestler for the Ring of Honor organization off and on during 2003 to 2005 and would eventually win the ROH Championship on June 18, 2005 after defeating Austin Aires at the Death Before Dishonor 2 PPV.

CM Punk began wrestling for the WWE brand during 2005 when he worked the training circuits where he quickly won Championships and began moving up into the companies televised promotions such as the ECW where he won several single and tag team championships. Cm Punk began appearing on WWE’s main promotions Smack down and Raw and had great success winning many titles and is currently in the Title hunt again.


CM Punk

CM Punk WWE Highlights

Since beginning to wrestle for the WWE in 2005 CM Punk has worked for all its major brands ECW, Smackdown and Raw.  During his career CM Punk has always portrayed the straight edge lifestyle . CM Punk believes in a alcohol and drug free life and has tattoo Drug Free across his knuckles and Straight Edge across his stomach. With CM Punks straight edge attitude and his leadership abilities CM Punk has lead some of the strongest groups in the WWE  like the Straight Edge Society during 2009 where he led a group consisting of Luke Gallows,whom Punk converted to his straight edge lifestyle. During the next few months Punk would convert members from the audience into his society by having them shave their heads. This led up to a feud with Rey Mysterio that ultimately ended with Punk getting his head shaved by losing to Mysterio.

CM Punk would be traded back and forth between the Smack down and Raw brands over the years and has led to some great rivalries and a lot of awesome matches. CM Punk has held all the titles the WWE has and has won the Money in the Bank match 2 times, winning the matches 2 years in a row a record Punk still holds. CM Punk has recently stirred things up in the WWE by defeating John Cena to win the Title and then quit the WWE with it, leaving the WWE without a Champion. Vince Mcmahan was relieved of his duties and replaced by Triple H who resigned CM Punk who returned at the night of the tournament to crown a new WWE Champion. Mystierio won the WWE Championship only to defend it later that night and lose to John Cena. Punk made his shocking return at the conclusion of the match bringing a cloud of controversy to the WWE Title.CM Punk continues to antagonize the WWE Executives with his Straight forward tell it as it is attitude by confronting Triple H each week. As a fan this is great for the WWE as it brings excitement back into a story line that was getting dull and needed new direction.


  CM Punk WWE Career Achievements

1 Time ECW Championship

3 Time World Heavyweight Champion

1 Time WWE Champion

1 Time World Tag Team Champion with Kofi Kingston

1 Time WWE Intercontinental Champion

2 Time Money in the Bank Winner 2008, 2009

3 Time Slammy Award Winner

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