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Coffee Grinding And Beans: Tips and Facts

Delicious Fresh Coffee requires freshly ground coffee beans!

The debate over whole beans versus ground beans will probably never be resolved; there are some tips and facts about various kinds of grinds and the best use of each.

And there are some pros and cons to using whole beans and using ground coffee.

So here are some coffee-grinding tips and facts.

1. Whole Beans – Pros and Cons

Whole coffee beans hold their flavor longer, because the essential oils within the bean are not exposed to air.

Grinding it yourself for each cup or pot results in a fresher, more flavorful cup of coffee.

Whole coffee beans also have a much longer shelf life, about ten times longer than pre-ground coffee, possibly making whole beans more economical.

Another advantage to whole beans is that you can choose the coarseness of the grind yourself, depending on the results you are aiming for.

You will have to purchase a coffee grinder, though, and it will increase your preparation time.

What do you prefer?

Do you buy whole or ground beans?

2. Ground Coffee – Pros and Cons

As soon as coffee beans are ground, their essential oils (where the flavor and aroma are) become airborne. (That is why it smells so good!)

So naturally, those essential oils floating around in the air are not making it into your cup.

Consequently, pre-ground coffee tends to be less fresh and flavorful.

If you tend to consume coffee quickly, however, pre-ground coffee beans may work for you – sources say you have about nine days for ground coffee to retain its freshness after it is opened.

And of course, pre-ground coffee is faster to make and more convenient.

3. Grinding Coffee

How you grind your coffee makes a difference in how it tastes.

Here are some tips to consider:

* How finely you grind your coffee determines its strength – finely-ground beans will yield a more concentrated, stronger flavor. (Espresso is made with very finely ground beans.)

* Coarse grinds work best for a press-style pot or French press.

* A medium grind works for the typical drip coffee maker, but within the medium grind range there are subtle differences that depend on the kind of filter you use.

* Fine grinds do well with espresso machines, and can often be used in drip makers too.

* Extra fine is solely for espresso, as are super-fine grinds. Super-fine can also be used in a Turkish coffee maker.

Learn more here about the kinds of coffee grinders you can order online and get delivered to your door, usually at the best prices available online!

Learn more here about the kinds of coffee grinders you can order online and get delivered to your door, usually at the best prices available online!

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4. Alternative Brewing

There are some interesting ways that coffee is brewed in various cultures and parts of the world.

In Indonesia, coffee is brewed a bit like tea – hot water is poured over the grounds in the cup, and the coffee grounds slowly settle to the bottom while the coffee steeps and cools.

If you use a very fine grind for this method, you will end up with what is known in the Middle East as *mud coffee.*

In Nordic countries and some Middle Eastern countries, coffee is sometimes boiled. This results in a more bitter brew.

Whether you buy whole beans or pre-ground, coffee is a more versatile beverage than you may have realized!

So many varieties of coffee beans to try out!

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Meet the Beans – How to Find Your Favorite Coffee

What coffee is best for you?

Is there really that much variation in this popular beverage?

Actually, yes; there are quite a few variations in coffee.

Here are some tips … And you can also CLICK HERE >> to find your favorite coffee!

1. Why Coffee?

One thing to help you determine what coffee is best for you is to ask yourself why you drink coffee…or want to drink coffee.

This will help guide you along on your coffee journey.

Here are some examples of questions you can ask yourself.

* Do you drink coffee because you like the taste?

* Do you want to drink coffee because of the caffeine stimulation? You may not even like the taste, but you want or need a caffeine boost.

* Are you sensitive to dairy products?

Keep questions like these in mind as you search for the coffee that’s right for you. Here are some types of coffee beverages, so you can find one that fits.

2. Blends for the Beginner

If you are new to coffee, you might want to start with a cappuccino beans or latte beans .

These are made with steamed milk and espresso, and tend to be sweet and mild.

These kinds of coffee beverages are also good for those who like the caffeine, but aren’t too fond of the taste of straight coffee.

Also, if you find coffee too bitter, go for decaf. It tends to be less bitter.

Not all coffee is the same!

3. Caffeine Jolt

If you are really in it for the caffeine but you would still like it to be enjoyable, then you might go for espresso or another coffee that’s made with finely-ground beans.

Espresso drinks tend to be listed as low in caffeine because they are served in tiny quantities, but espresso beans has almost three times as much caffeine per ounce as regular drip coffee beans .

You also might consider instant coffee mixes .

It may not have as complex a taste, but its preparation is quick and easy.

And you can put a shot of espresso into your cup of drip coffee for an extra boost.

Generally speaking, the longer a coffee is roasted, the less caffeine it has.

The inexpensive, mass-produced brands are said to have the most, because the beans are not roasted as long before packaging.

4. Dairy and Milk Products in Coffee

If you do not digest dairy products or are allergic to them, you can use almond or coconut milk in your coffee.

This can produce a really tasty and unusual coffee, especially if you use chocolate, vanilla, or sweetened varieties of these milks.

There are many varieties of coffee milk available for you to try out to find your perfect flavour coffee.

5. Calorie Counter

If you arere concerned about the calories in a cream- or milk-based coffee beverage, go with skim milk and sweeten with something like stevia.

Or you might find out that you enjoy drinking coffee without sweetening at all.

You can also check out on this link all the varieties of coffee sweeteners available that you can order online with ALL your coffee supply needs, and have conveniently delivered to your door.

Hopefully, this list has helped you decide which coffee beverage will work best for you.

Check out the range of coffee grinders available online

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Learn more here about the kinds of coffee grinders you can order online and get delivered to your door, usually at the best prices available online!

And there are tips here for >> how to pick the best coffee makers

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  1. Amazing amount of relevant information about coffee and coffee grinding beans. I am a coffee drinker but definitely not hard core. But I enjoyed learning so much about something I like.

    • Thanks Susan… the amount of information out there for real coffee connoisseurs is incredible. I’m a lot more easy going about my cup of java, but I’m glad to help – LOL!

  2. Coffee is an important part of my morning routine. I grind my own beans and steam and froth the milk. It makes morning special!

    Great review – I enjoyed reading how coffee is enjoyed in other parts of the world.

    • Thanks for the feedback. You are clearly someone who enjoys coffee to the max!

      I like my coffee as a Sunday treat, and that’s when I make extra effort to brew and fuss.

  3. Which Is Your Favorite Coffee blend?

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