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Coggins Testing and Yearly Vaccinations for Horses


Coggins Testing

There are two must haves every year if you own horses.

You must have a valid coggins test, your vet has to draw blood usually from the horse’s neck and it is sent to a laboratory to be analyzed and tested for Equine Infectious Anemia, as the old timer’s would say “Swamp Fever”.  A highly contagious, always fatal disease that horses used to get.  We have it virtually eradicated now and the coggins testing is why.  This is how serious the Feds are about you having a current coggins and when I say current I mean: not over a year old but if you plan on selling a horse it has to be current within the last 6 months, a whopping $1000 fine!  They can also quarantine your entire farm until all your horse have a clean coggins. So the coggins is the most important document every horse owner needs.

The second most important is vaccinations–

Just like for dogs or children.  Different diseases of course, let me see if I can recall these from memory.  Eastern and western influenza, Rhinotracheitis, Encephalitis and Tetanus, also West Nile vaccine.  These will run you about $40-50 a head.  The coggins test will depend on where you get it done and how fast you need the results: $25–175 a head.  I hope this has been informative and helpful.

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