Colonial Costumes for Girls

Colonial Costumes for Girls for Halloween or for School Plays and Productions

Is she going to be in a school play, going to a costume party, or having a dress up day with friends? This guide to Colonial Costumes for Girls will show you the variety of styles worn in the Colonial times. You will find dresses, hats, caps, wigs, and other accessories for the costume. You will find patterns to make you own, auctions to buy from, and even gift cards so if you want to provide your special girl with a costume but want to let her choose for herself, you’ll be set!!

Colonial Lady CostumeColonial Lady Costume

The best part about this page is you will find ideas. What Colonial Costume do you need? Is it traditional for common or elegant occasions? If it is a part in a play then the character assigned will give you an idea what you will need to buy. The notes on this page will give you ideas and inspire you. The hope is you will find the best Colonial Costumes for Girls for Halloween or for School Plays and Productions in one stop and can get to the business of having FUN!

Forum Novelties Pilgrim Girl Costume

Forum Novelties Pilgrim Girl CostumeForum Novelties Pilgrim Girl Costume

The day to day activities for women and girls needed a dress which would be simple yet feminine. You can see by the designs there were creative people behind the styles of the times even when ‘designers’ were not as prominent as they are today. Colonial costumes are not very ornate, that’s for sure. Very plain and practical.

More Colonial Girl Costume Choices

Click on any costume on this page to read more details.

Colonial Girl CostumeGirls Colonial Lady CostumeChild Colonial Girl CostumeColonial Girl Costume

Girls’ Colonial Costume

Colonial Pilgrim GirlColonial Pilgrim Girl

So, She is dressing up for a play or a costume party? How about this traditional style Colonial Costume for Girls? She will feel comfortable and will have the basic traditional elements of a Colonial dress (the lace up front, apron, and sleeves). The styles were simple yet featured decorative elements which functioned well in a time when there were no Velcro or zippers. Lace up styles were a way to give ‘form’ to an otherwise formless design.This costume would be a great one for the local little theater group to have on hand.

Girls’ Martha Washington Costume

One of the first things you might notice about a Martha Washington dress (compared to the other Colonial styles on this page) is there is not an apron. It is a subtle difference but one which would indicate she had less duties requiring an apron and perhaps had an apron she would remove when she wasn’t engaged in activities.

A busy woman would never have the opportunity to take off her apron …

Did you know that Martha Washington was married once before she married George? Her husband died leaving her their tobacco plantation called White House and that is where she and George got married.

Colonial Girl Martha WashingtonColonial Girl Martha WashingtonChild's Martha WashingtonChild’s Martha Washington

As the first lady, Martha Washington had many duties and of course was expected to be the hostess for many dinner parties and gatherings in their home at Mount Vernon and at the official Presidential Mansion. According to her bibliography, she held formal dinners every Thursday and public receptions every Friday.

Martha was loved and appreciated by the soldiers who fought in the Revolutionary War and they called her Lady Washington according to her biography.

Learn More about First Lady Martha Washington by Watching This Video

Very interesting and informative

If you are going to dress up to look like Martha Washington, you will want to learn about who she was. Watching this video is a step in the right direction.

More Colonial Costumes and Accessories for Girls

Wigs and hats will add the needed finishing touches to your colonial costume for girls. These period pieces add a realistic look and feel to your costume! Girls will have so much fun dressing in their colonial costume, and learning about the lifestyles of those who lived in the colonial days!

Colonial Girl Child Wig, WhiteColonial Girl Child Wig, WhiteColonial Girl Child CostumeColonial Girl Child CostumeGirl's White Colonial WigGirl’s White Colonial WigColonial Mob/Mop HatColonial Mob/Mop HatWhite Bonnet Hat / Colonial HatWhite Bonnet Hat / Colonial HatWool Felt BonnetWool Felt Bonnet

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