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Command Points Avengers Alliance

Getting Command Points in Avenger’s Alliance

Command points are a necessary resource in the Marvel Avengers Alliance game. With it you recruit heroes, perform research and even purchase special equipment. It’s judicious use allows you to customize the game experience. Naturally, people have their own methods for massively gathering or farming command points. In the past people could farm avengers command points easily. It worked for a while until the game publisher changed the rules.

The old way doesn’t work anymore

Previous versions of  Avengers Alliance allowed the persistent to engage a boss in combat, gain command points as you attack, lose the battle, reengage and still get to keep the command points. The latest patches have stopped this.

First of all, there are no more Command Point drops when you deal  a critical hit on a boss, mini-boss or any other enemy. You need to finish off the opponent before you have a chance at claiming any prizes. Then you can only get a chance to earn either 1, 3 or 5 command points from a regular boss or 1, 3, 5, or 10 command points for epic bosses.



How do you get more  Command Points Now

With the recent patch you now need to defeat the mission boss or epic boss to recieve command points. To minimize the cost of energy you should concentrate on defeating epic bosses. That hasn’t changed. However you can now only rely on getting a set amount of command points.


Which epic bosses are the best for Command Points

This depends on which marvel heroes you have recruited and what equipment you’ve acquired. Fortunately Marvel Avengers Alliance has a multitude to chose from. Unfortunately, this means you ahve to find your own specific mix out based on your marvel characters and equipment.

The old method suggests you acquire Black Cat to unlock the Epic Mission in Chapter 2 Mission 3.  Black Cat is an easy character to recruit and newer players can acquire her.

With the new patch you can actually attempt higher level missions. This may be more worthwhile as long as you have the right marvel heroes. Higher level missions often give better  drops and higher experience points. This gives better returns for your time.


Marvel Heroes Gear

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Can you spot the Marvel Heroes in Avengers Alliance?

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Something about Marvel Avengers Alliance

Avenges Alliance is a wonderfully addicting social game. It appeals to comic fans and has a relatively strong strategic gameplay element. Players get to recruit and combat various marvel characters instead of generic avatars. You can create your own Superhero team with Captain America, Iron Man and other Marvel heroes.

As for the player’s avatar, you get to be an Agent of Shield. While it sounds like you’re second fiddle to the Big Guns of the Marvel Universe, the truth is more interesting. You’re the liason between the various Marvel characters. In terms of game play, the agent could become a support character. However, at times you will find the agent needs to step up and deal with a super menace as if he or she were a superhero. It’s a good touch.



about khael

I like my games. While I tend to try different ones, I only stick to a few. Marvel Avengers Alliance has that right mix of flash, strategy and casual play that keeps me interested. When I get around to writing other game related Nuggetz I’ll let you know!

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