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Computer Desktop Wallpaper Backgrounds

Desktop Backgrounds are the ideal way to alter your attitude while giving you full control over the look and feel of your Personal PC.

In today’s world it’s easy to miss the big picture, or lose sight of your goals, or personal values. With Imagery it makes it much easier for us to understand where we are headed, and our life path will subconsciously take us along this route.

Whether you are choosing to look at an adorable kitten, movie scene, or something funny, it’s important to know this will affect your mood and ambition throughout the day. Computer wallpapers are exponentially becoming more popular as people understand this principle and spend more time behind their computer and technology in general.

Here are some great Anime Computer Desktop Backgrounds:

Lisianthus & Primula Wallpaper

Romeo Candolebonte Montague Wallpaper

Nagi Takishima Wallpaper

Some Great Animal Themed Computer Desktop Wallpaper Backgrounds

Lion King Wallpaper

Hello! Wallpaper

Nap Time Wallpaper

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