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Best Computer Printer for College Students

The Unique Dilemma of Size vs. Efficiency

When my daughter first went to college two years ago, she found out within one week that she needed her own printer. While computer printers were available at the library, it was difficult for her to print her work right when she needed it.

She had very little space to keep a printer in her dorm room, but she needed a printer that would serve her basic needs for both text and graphics for all of her reports and projects.

Needless to say, we did not want to spend a lot of money on this printer. While dorm rooms are somewhat secure, college students tend to lose or break things.

After a lot of searching, we ended up buying an HP DeskJet 1010. Here is why:

HP DeskJet 1010 Printer

At the time we bought this printer, it was priced at $39.99. As you can imagine, printer prices go up and down, but we felt that this price was quite reasonable, and if something happened to the printer, we would not be too upset. I will say that she has now had the printer for two years, and it is still working perfectly. No problems at all.

No matter where you live, you can buy the HP DeskJet 1010 Printer from Amazon. If you are a Prime member, then shipping is free, and you will get it to two days. Amazon often has the best prices available for electronics.

The Right Size for a Dorm Room

Fits on a desk shelf

HP DeskJet 1010 Printer (CX015A)

As I have already mentioned, size was one of the most critical factors for this printer. The HP DeskJet 1010 fits right on her desk shelf without the threat of falling on her head. She has printed numerous papers from this printer, and they all look professional.

Keep in Mind Who You are Buying the Printer For

Because we were buying this printer for our 18-year-old daughter who does not have any experience tinkering with or fixing recalcitrant printers, we wanted to make sure this printer was easy to use without many parts. We wanted her to spend her time studying and going to class, not tearing her hair out because her printer was not working.

She was going to be living two hours away from us, therefore we would not be able to help her out in a hurry. We knew that we wanted a name brand printer from a reliable company. Hewlett Packard is very reliable. The printer was also the right size.

Added to that was the fact that while we think our daughter is responsible, she is in college. It is possible that the printer could be damaged, stolen or fall off a shelf. For us, $40.00 was an affordable price to replace, if necessary. This is a basic printer. It does not fax, or do a lot of things more expensive printers do.

Other Features

The HP DeskJet 1010 can print in black and white and color. This is helpful for a student who needs to make graphs, or diagrams for class. My daughter is in a science field which requires color printing.

The printer includes a scanner which is useful for adding photos, and other images to documents.

It will also print photographs which she can download from her digital camera and post on her bulletin board. College students love to take photos.

It is light enough to carry to another room if she is working with a group.

Additionally, it comes with a 1-year warranty, in case it breaks down from routine use.

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