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Unique Gifts for Men

If you are looking for something out of the ordinary for the special men in your life, look no further! You’ll find cool and awesome gifts for men right here. They are unique and fun to give.

There’s everything from abstract guitar picks to deluxe mouse pads.

All of these items can be personalized to your tastes, and they make great gifts for any occasion.

Consider giving these cool gifts to men for Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Birthdays, and so on.

Fill stockings, gifts baskets and gift bags full of unique gifts that men will love! Which ones are your favorites?

Belt Buckles

I loved buying belt buckles for my dad, when he was still alive. These make fun and unique gifts for teen boys and men of all ages.

I love the cool designs on these belt buckles featured here. They were designed by Zazzle artists, and you can personalize your own once you click on any of the products below.

 A View In Venice From TheView Now The Roman antiquities, t. 2, PlateView Now The Roman antiquities, t. 1, PlateView Now Ridiculous dream by Francisco Goya BeltView Now Consequences of War by Francisco GoyaView Now Tinsel Green design,TJHenna Belt BucklesView Now water-913387 belt bucklesView Now Vintage Tinsel Bubble design,TJHenna Belt BuckleView Now Blue Marbles Rectangular Belt BucklesView Now happy face kaomoji belt buckleView Now Against the common good by FranciscoView Now Absurdity Flying by Francisco Goya RectangularView Now Imaginary View of the Grand GalleryView Now Colosseum, Rome by Hubert Robert BeltView Now Cactus in Red & Aqua NatureView Now Sparks Lake Oregon Belt BuckleView Now WINDMILL AND FULL MOON NIGHT SKYView Now Through the Tunnel Belt BuckleView Now Burnt Paw Prints Belt BucklesView Now Autumn Swamp Landscape Belt BucklesView Now Fall Swamp Landscape Belt BucklesView Now Decatur Alabama Boat Harbor Belt BucklesView Now Turquoise Belt BuckleView Now [300] Petty Officer Second Class (PO2)View Now Color design rectangular belt buckleView Now Elegant Reindeer Rectangular Belt BuckleView Now Arail view of vintage fort rectangularView Now Bright green light belt buckleView Now Halloween pumpkin rectangular belt bucklesView Now Forest with Snow trees Rectangular BeltView Now Rough green surface rectangular belt bucklesView Now Dry plants belt bucklesView Now Soccer field with Ball Rectangular BeltView Now


Here are some more cool gifts for men! Dartboards make great additions to basements, game rooms, man caves and more. These abstract designs were created by Zazzle artists and can be personalize any way you desire, or give them as-is.

 Funny, happy monkey says hello dartboardView Now Commentator Extraordinaire DartboardsView Now Facility Manager Extraordinaire Dart BoardView Now [200] Petty Officer Second Class (PO2)View Now Vintage old France vacation poster DartboardView Now Southwestern Design Tan Monogram DartboardsView Now Vintage Seabees Symbol Restored Dartboard WithView Now Flower Skull 1 Dart BoardView Now Flower Skull 2 Dartboard With DartsView Now Aspen Leaf Skull 11 DartboardsView Now Aspen Leaf Skull 9 DartboardView Now Personalized name green Bouvier des FlandresView Now Yellowstone River DartboardsView Now Football Team Colors Dartboard With DartsView Now Looking Down on to Valley DartView Now Vulnerable DartboardView Now Resilient Dart BoardsView Now Resilient DartboardsView Now Seashell Dart BoardsView Now ON BLUE RIDGE DART BOARDView Now Bagpipes DartboardView Now Bagpipes DartboardView Now Pan Flute Dart BoardView Now Djembe Dart BoardsView Now Djembe Dart BoardView Now Seashell Dart BoardView Now Lake with islands dartboard with dartsView Now Land ahoy dartboardView Now Elegant, decorative diamonds dart boardsView Now Funny giraffe with earring dart boardView Now Lake in the middle of SwissView Now awesome dragon designs dartboardsView Now Deschutes River View DartboardView Now


These flasks make unusual and cool gifts for men. Some men enjoy collecting flasks, so you can help them add to their collection, and of course some men enjoy using flasks, too!

 Stylish faux gold leaf polkaView Now Stylish faux gold leaf polkaView Now Peach coral watercolor stripes brushstrokes flaskView Now free tree flasksView Now Funny, happy monkey flasksView Now racoon hip flaskView Now Power Force (C) Hip FlasksView Now wooden structure hip flaskView Now Facility Manager Extraordinaire Hip FlasksView Now [400] Petty Officer Second Class (PO2)View Now Vintage,gold,fleur de lis,antique,vintage,chic,fun flasksView Now Blue & Red Faded Fishscales PatternView Now Green & Purple Faded Fishscales PatternView Now Bright green light flaskView Now Wooden surface flasksView Now Halloween pumpkin hip flaskView Now Shell Snail FlaskView Now Blue & Purple Dark Ombre FishscalesView Now Fresh Red Apple FlaskView Now Green fields flaskView Now Rough green surface flaskView Now Desert Sand Hip FlasksView Now Decorative articles hip flasksView Now Soccer field with Ball Hip FlaskView Now Red Mushroom in forest FlaskView Now Elegant Bird on tree branch HipView Now Finland forest scene hip flaskView Now

Cool Guitar Picks

Men who play guitar, banjo, etc. will love one or more of these cool guitar picks! Musicians can never have enough guitar picks on hand, so provide them with plenty of unique ones, and every time they use them, they will think of you.

 Seashell Guitar PickView Now Funny, happy monkey says hello pearlView Now BRANCHES Camouflage Watercolor Camo Customizable GuitarView Now Power Force (C) PickView Now wooden structure pickView Now Facility Manager Extraordinaire Guitar PickView Now BRANCHES Red Coral Veins Watercolor CustomizableView Now Vintage,gold,fleur de lis,antique,vintage,chic,fun white delrin guitarView Now Purple & Red Dark Ombre DamaskView Now Green & Purple Faded Fishscales PatternView Now Rough surface guitar pickView Now Elegant Reindeer PickView Now Water Layers Guitar PickView Now Halloween pumpkin guitar pickView Now Dry plants guitar pickView Now Desert Sand Guitar PickView Now Brown Wooden surface PickView Now Fantacy world guitar pickView Now Silver pattern leaves guitar pickView Now Red circle art pattern pickView Now Blue and yellow pattern guitar pickView Now Grey Flower flooral pattern PickView Now wooden surface pickView Now Stripey Goodness (Pattern) Pearl Celluloid GuitarView Now Silver Pinwheels White Delrin Guitar PickView Now Abstract violet pattern guitar pickView Now Sunset at River Guitar PickView Now Baltic sea with cloudy Sky PickView Now Brown brick wall pickView Now Football PickView Now

Mouse Pads

Tech men, and men who simply work on a computer, will love having a cool mouse pad. I have purchased mouse pads from Zazzle in the past, and they are thick and quality made. I think I have 3 of them, and I love them all!

Happy Retro Parents MousepadBig City Lights Mouse PadRe-Created Tsunami Mouse PadAbstract Graffiti Sea Sediment Agate MousepadLeopard MousepadsWavy Reflections – Abstract – Water – Boat MousepadsTanglinga 20 mousepadsAbstract Blue Red Dragon Vein Agate Sea MousepadRed Corvette Convertible Mouse PadUshibori in Hitachi province: Katsushika Hokusai Mouse PadsUkiyo-e: The Kazusa sea route – Katsushika Hokusai MousepadsUkiyo-e marina: The Big wave – Katsushika Hokusai Mouse PadVintage Pole Flounder Fish Personalized Template Mouse PadsDevonian Doryaspis Fish MousepadLET’S HAVE SOME SEAL FUN! MOUSEPAD

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