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Cordless Christmas Decor

No Plug Required Lighted Christmas Decorations

Don’t you hate running extension cords everywhere to have some Christmas lights! Of course, many of the places you want to decorate, just don’t have an electrical plug nearby.

Dress up your fireplace mantle, windows or dining table without fussing over “where is the nearest place to plug in.” Use cordless, lighted Christmas decorations.

I’ve searched for the prettiest lighted Christmas decorations that don’t require a plug, as they are cordless. Take a look and solve some of your Christmas decorating problems with these simple yet beautiful cordless Christmas decorations.

Cordless LED Pre-lit Cone & Berry Christmas Wreath

Cordless LED Pre-lit Cone & Berry

This pretty cordless lighted Christmas wreath can hang any place in your home. You don’t have to worry about an outlet being close by, because this Christmas wreath is powered by 3 D batteries (not included).

You can choose between white lights or multi-colored lights.

Built-in timer turns lights on for 6 hours, off for 18 hours. Made from a mix of PE and PVC tips.


Pre-Lit Cordless Christmas Wreaths

No need to worry about where you can hang these Christmas wreaths, because they don’t require an outlet to light up! They run on batteries, and will bring festive lights and decor to any wall in your home or office.

 Brylanehome Set Of 3 Cordless Pre-Lit 24 Inch Battery Operated Cordless Pre Cordless 24 Indoor or Outdoor Battery Operated 24 Indoor or Outdoor Battery Operated 24 Cordless LED Pre-lit Oregon Fir Christmas Brylanehome 30 24 Cordless 24

Cordless Lighted Poinsettia Garland

Cordless Lighted Poinsettia Garland

Cordless Lighted Poinsettia Garland

Get several of these to cover the length of a fireplace mantel. Think creatively and put them on a hanging pot-rack in the kitchen or on an office door. There are endless ways to use them. Use them on a staircase. Add your touches with beautiful bows, some evergreen boughs or a figurine.

Miniature LED lights glow red in festive flower’s center. Set of ten LED lights on 6′ 3/4″ cord that runs through the garland. You will need two AA batteries, not included.


Pre-Lit Cordless Christmas Garland

Here are some more lovely pre-lit cordless Christmas garland options for your home. Drape them on a stair rail, over a fireplace mantel, or anywhere you want to add decor and light this holiday season.

 Cordless LED Pre-lit Cone & Berry Brylanehome 9′ Cordless Pre-Lit Pine Cone Brylanehome 36 Sharper Image 9-Ft. Cordless Pre-Lit Indoor/Outdoor Brylanehome Cordless Battery-Operated Led 9′ Pine Brylanehome 36 Cordless Pre-Lit Snow Flocked Garland 9 ft. Battery Operated Burlap Holiday 6 Ft LED Lighted Battery Operated

Cordless LED Poinsettia Hanging Basket

Cordless LED Poinsettia Hanging Basket

Wouldn’t several of these look great on a front porch or entry area!

Hang this lighted basket of poinsettias inside or outside for the holiday. It is filled with lifelike, colorful poinsettias and lush greenery with a border of twinkling white standard-size LED lights.You can hang it anywhere without worrying about an ugly cord hanging down from it. It comes with a built-in timer that turns the lights on for 6 hours, then off for 18 hours or just use the manual on/off switch. Battery life is about 150 hours in the always-on mode or about 21 days with timer use. Uses 4 C batteries (not included). Features weather-resistant sealed battery box with sealed dial controller. (description from Amazon).


More Cordless Lighted Christmas Decorations

Light up the interior and exterior of your home for the holidays without worrying about electricity usage or finding a properly placed outlet. These gorgeous Christmas decorations are all pre-lit and battery powered!

 Cordless Hanging Cone & Berry LED Cordless LED Pre-lit Walkway Tree Set of 3 Cordless Mini Wall Lighted Mercury Glass Ball Sphere – Lighted Mercury Glass Ball Sphere – Lighted Mercury Glass Ball Sphere – Lighted Beaded Garland (Multi) LED Lighted Battery Operated Holiday Red 2′ Battery Operated Tabletop Christmas Tree Brylanehome 36&Quot; Cordless Led Christmas Swag Battery Operated LED Window Candle with Starlite Creations Cordless 12FT Metallic Braided

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  1. I’ve been contemplating getting a wreath for my door this Advent season. The pre-lit kind (cordless) is quite a clever idea!

  2. I love the idea of cordless lighted wreaths. Overloading a circuit becomes a thing of the past when you chose cordless.

  3. Wow, I didn’t know there was such a big selection of cordless items for Christmas decor. There’s a great selection here. I see a few things I’d love to pick up for our decorations – the hanging basket & the garlands. Nice!

  4. Good idea! I was just looking for cordless Christmas ornaments… and found this page.

  5. Gypzeerose

    Avoiding clutter is a big problem in my home, and these wreaths would add beauty easily.

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