Cottage Birdhouses

Cottage Birdhouses Provide Homes for Birds and Add Pretty Decor to Your Yard

Cottage Birdhouses Are Lovely! Birdhouses are a great way to enjoy your backyard birds. Offer them housing, food and water, and you’ll have a blast watching your birds.

I think it’s nice when people provide birdhouses, food and water for wild birds. I used to before I got a house full of cats. Then I felt as though I was setting the birds up to be attacked and killed, and so I had to stop feeding them and providing for them.

I still enjoy bird products like these cottage birdhouses, though. These will add a touch of fun decor to your yard, and they’ll provide a nice place to nest for your birds.

I think I’ll give one to my neighbor as a gift for Christmas this year. A bird house makes a wonderful gift for hard-to-buy-for people.

Home Bazaar Kingsgate Cottage Birdhouse

This large cottage birdhouse is simple with it’s white exterior and unpainted interior. It provides holes for the average backyard bird and needs some assembly with a Philips screwdriver.

You’ll love the look of this large birdhouse. Hang it from a tree or mount it on a sturdy post, so you can enjoy bird watching like never before.

Home Bazaar Kingsgate Cottage BirdhouseHome Bazaar Kingsgate Cottage BirdhouseCHECK PRICE

Birds That Might Visit Your Back Yard

*Blue Jay
*Tufted Titmouse
*Black Bird
*Blue Bird
*Blue Tanager

Thatch Roof Wood Cottage Chimney Bird House

This lovely little thatch roof wood cottage birdhouse looks quite realistic and is priced under $20.00! It makes a great gift for Christmas, birthday, anniversary or any other gift-giving occasion.

This will offer charming decor for your yard, as well as a nice little house for birds to nest in. Bird lovers will enjoy this cottage birdhouse!

 Thatch Roof Wood Cottage Chimney Bird House Thatch Roof Wood Cottage Chimney Bird HouseCHECK PRICE

Wild Birds Video

Home Bazaar Vineyard Cottage Birdhouse, Grey

This quaint birdhouse cottage opens for easy cleaning. It features an unpainted interior, a real shingled roof, and it is well ventilated and offers drainage. The 1.25″ hole will accommodate Wrens, Finches, Chickadees, Nuthatches and Titmice, as well as other comparable sized birds.

Home Bazaar Vineyard Cottage Birdhouse, GreyHome Bazaar Vineyard Cottage Birdhouse, GreyCHECK PRICE

Garden Cottage Birdhouse

This garden cottage birdhouse reminds me of the houses one might see in Germany. The shingled roof and stone chimney make this birdhouse look like a real cottage.

It opens for easy cleaning and offers ventilation and drainage.

Garden Cottage BirdhouseGarden Cottage BirdhouseCHECK PRICE

Take Care of the Birds

Besides a nice inviting home for the birds, make sure you provide the following items for them, as well…

*Fresh water all year long.
*Bird seed and more to eat.
*A clean house.
*A safe environment.

What About Winter

Birdhouses can provide a warm and safe place from the elements as well as a place to make a nest in the spring.
You can keep water from freezing with a heater or get a heated bird bath.

Make sure bird seed and other food doesn’t get buried in the snow by placing it on a table or post in a flat pan or use a hanging bird feeder.

Birds often have a difficult time finding food and water in the winter, and they need your help!

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Backyard Bird Poem

by Margaret Ann Brown

Sing your song so sweetly

Sing your song to me

Backyard bird I love you

You keep me company

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