Crayola Digital Art

Crayola Digital Art

Turn your apple ipad into a digital art canvas with crayola digitools. Create stunning digital pictures with a touch of your finger using virtual colored pencils, markers and crayons in vibrant crayola colors. Crayola digitools are available in 3D effects, glitter, stencils or a deluxe pack which contains all 3. Requires ipad running with iOS 4.3 or newer and ipad app. store acct. (FREE). Crayola digitools make a great gift for the digital art lover and recommended for ages 3-15.

Crayola Digitools Effects Pack

Crayola DigiTools Effects Pack allows children to make cool art stuff on any iPad! They can draw design that are sparkly or created swatches of shimmering color with the color changer and digital stamper. This pack comes with all of the needed tools and application. Children will enjoy making glittery, shimmering art and effects on their iPad. Bring out their creativity with this cool DigiTools pack!

Crayola DigiTools Glitter ColorCheck Price

Crayola Digitools Airbrush Pack

Crayola DigiTools Airbrush PackCheck Price

This Crayola DigiTools Airbrush Pack comes with the digital stylus, a digital stamper, a free application, a special tool and a carrying case. Your child can create art with the airbrush tool and the squeegee tool, which spreads mixed colors on the iPad screen. The digital rainbow roller makes cool effects, too. Airbrushing is always a nice effect, and now children can create airbrushed art over and over again with this cool creativity pack by Crayola DigiTools!


Crayola Digitools Demo

Crayola Digitools Deluxe Pack

Crayola DigiTools Deluxe CreativityCheck Price

This Crayola DigiTools Deluxe Pack comes with a digital crayon, airbrush, 3D stylus pen and glasses, digital stamper and more! The 3D glasses allow children to see their art leap off the iPad! This deluxe pack is great fun for kids who love art and creating designs! Children will be entertained for hours with this Crayola DigiTools pack! The nice thing is that they can use the tools over and over to keep creating unique designs.


Crayola Digitools 3d Pack

This Crayola DigiTools 3D Pack comes with a digital stamper, a special digital stylus, another special tool, a free application and a carry case. You child can create art that looks as though it’s leaping of of their iPad when they wear the special 3D glasses. Children will enjoy seeing their creations jump off the page! 3D effects are always fun and interesting. This DigiTools pack will keep your child entertained for hours.

Crayola DigiTools 3D EffectsCheck Price

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