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Crested Geckos Vivariums

Crested gecko

Crested Gecko



Crested geckos have become extremely popular as pets in the last few years. A lot of this is due to their endearing nature and ease of care in captivity.  One of the easiest ways to bring out the best in your crested gecko and indeed any reptile you keep is to make your vivarium as close to their natural habitat as possible.

Crested gecko’s natural distribution is the southern tip of New Caledonia. In the wild they inhabit forested areas and are an arboreal species. To mimic this in captivity a fairly densely planted vivarium is best. During the day your crested geckos will sleep nestled away in the foliage, once dusk nears you will notice them wandering about hunting for dinner.

There are a number of plastic plants designed for lizards available. Long vine like plants
are a mainstay hung from the ceiling or attached to the background these plants will provide amble climbing for your geckos. Larger heavy bodied plants are great for climbing on also.

You can always go with real plants, if you do make VERY sure that they are non-toxic species.  For example dumb cane (Dieffenbachia sp.), is a common house plant that is toxic. Using real plants in vivaria is really beyond the scope of this article as there are many factors including proper drainage, full spectrum lighting, substrate etc.

You have several options for a natural looking background. I prefer a natural cork
or bark background, as I mentioned above you can affix your plants to the background.  There are a number of synthetic textured backgrounds available also but, I find these less aesthetically pleasing. Finally finish off your cage with bamboo runners or driftwood. Now you have a vivarium your crested gecko will be pleased to call home!


Photo credits : Malcolm Carlaw Crested

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  1. Our grandchildren would love to have crested geckos!

    • Crested geckos are very good with children. Our son is three so we have to watch him closely obviously so he doesn’t grab the gecko’s tail.

  2. This is FABULOUS!!!!
    Crested Geckos Vivariums … say that three times fast!
    Great job on this post! I will be adding it to our WebNuggetz tweets! Thanks for being awesome!!

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