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Crochet and Knit Bolero Jackets and Shrugs

Where to Buy Great Knit and Crochet Boleros, Jackets and Shrugs

A bolero is a short jacket or shrug that is worn open in the front and hangs above the waistline. Boleros may be either shrugs or jackets, have long sleeves or short sleeves, be sleeveless, and may or may not have a collar or lapel. A crochet or knit bolero is a popular choice among many women for adding layers to an outfit, and they can be worn for many different occasions to give the outfit a unique look.

KMystic Womens Long Sleeve Crochet Cardigan

Available in 11 colors

KMystic Womens Long Sleeve Crochet Cardigan

Compliment Your Outfit for Special Occasions

Long sleeves

KMystic offers a beautiful crocheted bolero jacket in 11 colors. This is the perfect compliment to wear for special occasions and features long sleeves with a draped long front. The design is a loosely woven floral crochet pattern which gives it almost a lacy effect. This bolero is great for offering coverage when worn with a low cut dress, for warding off the chill from an air conditioned room or a cool evening breeze, or for just adding a special touch to an outfit. The white bolero would even work well worn with a wedding dress, and any of the color choices would make the perfect accent layer for a semi formal dress. To spice up a more casual look, pair the crochet bolero with a tee shirt and jeans.

Womens Knitted Bolero Shrug Short Sleeve

22 Colors

Xclusive Collection Women’s Crochet Bolero Shrug

Cute Short Sleeve Knit Bolero

A cute short sleeved knit bolero is offered by Xclusive Collection and is available in several fashionable colors. These shrugs are offered in beige, black, cerise, coral, mocha, mustard, and purple. This bolero shrug would be great paired with a simple tee shirt or tank top, and worn with jeans or shorts for a carefree summer look. With the wide color selection and the pretty knit pattern, these shrugs can be used to dress up even the simplest of shirts, adding both color and style to the outfit.

Hug Me Tight Bolero Shrug Knit Vintage Knitting Pattern

Download this pattern to your Kindle

Hug Me Tight Bolero Knit Vintage Knitting Pattern

Crochet or Knit Your Own Bolero

If you happen to be crafty and like to crochet or knit, there are several available patterns to use to make your own crochet or knit boleros. This gives you the freedom to choose whatever colors and types of yarn you like to make a project that you can wear and enjoy for years to come. Amazon.com is a good source for finding such bolero patterns as this lovely sleeveless shrug, the Hug Me Tight Bolero Shrug Knit Vintage Knitting Pattern, which can be easily downloaded to any Kindle. If you don’t happen to find the exact bolero you are looking for on Amazon that is already made, there are many books available on knitting and crocheting that offer simple, easy to make patterns for boleros, shrugs and jackets.

Anna-Kaci Natural Beige Crocheted Mini Cropped Shrug Vest

Layering can extend your wardrobe

Natural Beige Crocheted Mini Cropped Shrug Vest

You can add style and warmth to a wardrobe by layering a shrug vest like this on top of a tee shirt, turtleneck, or sheathe dress. This vest will add vintage style to any outfit and dress it up a little.

Boleros, Shrugs and Jackets Make an Outfit a Little More Special

Whether you are looking to simply add an extra layer to an outfit, to add sleeves to something sleeveless, to add color or texture, or looking for added warmth or coverage, a bolero is always a fashionable and stylish solution. Boleros, shrugs and jackets make any outfit a little more special, from your most casual wear, to mother of the bride dresses or bridal gowns. By using boleros creatively, you can also make your wardrobe stretch farther by creating different looks with the clothing pieces you already have. You can instantly turn a plain, black, sleeveless summer dress into a garment appropriate to wear to a winter dress up party by simply adding a knit bolero jacket. The addition of the bolero makes the dress seem like a totally different garment.

Add Flair to Your Wardrobe with a Bolero, Jacket or Shrug

Boleros make the perfect fashion accessories to be worn at school, church, concerts, at home, or around town. Because of their versatility, they go well with just about any type of clothing. Aside from knits and crochet boleros, there are also lacy options available for a sophisticated, sexy look, and even faux fur boleros that look great with fall and winter dresses and outfits. Look for ways to add a bolero to your wardrobe for fun, fashionable flair!

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