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Crystal Touchton – Writer, Marketer, Mom


So, Who Is Crystal Touchton?

Well, my friends and family would say I am a spunky southern girl, who loves her family more than anything else. They would also tell you my kids are my world, and that I am madly in love with my husband who happens to be my best friend. They may even tell you I am as stubborn as they come, impatient, and at times can have a temper. The funny thing is, I don’t think I could disagree with any of it, nor would I want to. I am content being a pig headed country girl who loves hard, plays hard, and fights hard when I have to.

Now, if you’re looking for a more professional explanation of who I am, then I’d describe myself as a writer and internet marketer. I always list writer first because writing is what led me to internet marketing, and writing still brings me immense joy. It always has. I love to write in a conversational style, and I feel it works well for online content. I can also write in a more professional manner when I need to.

I accidentally discovered internet marketing, but couldn’t see myself doing anything else. I enjoy every day I get to work online. I don’t consider myself a highly successful expert on internet marketing, but I can say that I improve a little bit each day. I enjoy sharing my experiences with internet marketing on my internet marketing blog.

Connect With Me Online

Websites, Blogs, And Social Media….Oh My!

If you’d like to connect with me online, these are the best ways to do so or you can contact me directly at Crystal@CrystalTouchton.com
Crystal Touchton .com, My Internet Marketing Blog – My home base online where I share my experiences with internet marketing and network with fellow marketers.
Ghostwriting Services – Information about my ghostwriting services, or you can contact me directly at crystal@crystaltouchton.com
PLR Party, My PLR store – If you use PLR, this could be a great resource for you to find high quality PLR.
Connect With Me On Facebook – If you’d like to follow me on facebook, I’d love to connect with you.

Random Facts About Me

– I love lifting weights.

– My favorite animal is a pig.

– My favorite meat is bacon

– I once fire walked for charity.

– I met my husband when I was 13.

– Polka dots kick butt!

My Favorite Tools To Use Online

Helpful Products And Tools I Love

If you’re an internet marketer or interested in internet marketing, you may be interested in some of my favorite tools and products that I use online.

Easy product displays is a tool I use almost every day, or at least I use it when I’m creating webpages. This tool takes the frustration out of creating attractive product displays.

My sites are all hosted at hostgator. The level of customer service has always been impeccable, and I’d recommend them to anyone wanting to build their first website.

I use aweber for list building. There are free options you can use, however, I still prefer aweber due to the amount of subscribers you can have and ease of use.


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  1. Hello Crystal and welcome to WebNuggetz! Glad to see you here.

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