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CUBE- A Movie Review

What happens when a strange group of mismatched individuals end up dazed and disoriented in an odd cube shaped structure with no idea how they got there?


Let’s just say there are several issues that come into play in the movie, Cube. First of all, you get the feeling that they are there for a reason and the person that put them there doesn’t care if they live or die. They are thrown into some sort of sick game and only the most intelligent of the bunch might survive. The one who wins is the one who can figure out the formula to exit the cube. Second, each person is out for only themselves. Since they have no idea who the others are, anyone could be a suspect. The feelings of suspicion, stress and anger fuel this movie and get in the way of finding the way out.

I probably would have never seen this film if it had not been for my son. I tend to watch popular comedies and dramas when I am in the mood for a movie. My son likes thrillers and independent films. I decided to take him up on his suggestion to watch Cube with the anticipation that it would be “dumb and uninteresting”. Now I don’t think the acting is the best I’ve ever seen, but this movie had me on the edge of my seat and I couldn’t wait to see what would happen next. It was that good!

I like that Cube is a low budget film that is really good. It was made in one room with frequent set changes and the actors are for the most part, unknown. You don’t often find this type of unique movie anymore in the age of the “blockbuster” films.


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