Great Work Cubicle Decorating Ideas

Our Favorite Work Cubicle Decorating Ideas

There are some amazingly decorated cubicles you can see pictures of by doing an Internet search for “Cubicle Décor”. Some cubicles look like something out of a home decorating magazine. Others look like a preview for the A&E TV show “Hoarders”.

Clearly, you can cubicle decorating ideas.

Cube Chic

Keeping it simple and easy is usually the best way to go if you choose to decorate your office cubicle. Going with a theme will help you make an organized decision to start. Let’s say you work in a law office and are constantly under the gun to get work out the door.

You’ll want to create a Zen-like atmosphere. Think papering your cubicle walls in pale green colors with a swirl pattern throughout. How about cute little butterflies hanging from a potted plant? A couple of small framed pictures of a single pastel flower to round out the flow of your cubicle. And of course pictures: of your kids, friends, parents, and your favorite tropical island. Anything that is going to give you a sense of peace, calm and serenity.
Lillian Too’s Little Book of Feng Shui for the Office

This theme would apply if you’re a legal secretary at the law firm.

On the other hand, if you’re the lawyer, you probably need motivation to keep going at your frenetic pace so something along the lines of a NASCAR theme might be more appropriate.


Motivational Poster Office Decor Adobe Window Art Poster Print, 22×28 Art Poster Print, 22×28 Art Poster Print, 22×28

Going with a black and white them can create a clean and crisp look. Or creating a Hawaiian setting can bring a sense of relaxation and motivation to save money for that vacation to Hawaii.

Either way, keeping it easy and simple keeps it safe from the cubicle police and keeps you working efficiently.

Decor for Your Cubicle Walls

Cubicle walls are great places to add extra storage and decor. Save room on your desk for other essentials, and store papers, notes and more on one of these cubicle products. These make great gifts for the office professionals in your life, too!

 Fellowes Plastic Partition Additions Shelf, 4 3/4 Inch x 17 3/4 Surface Area, Graphite CHECK PRICE STEELMASTER Soho Collection Wall File Basket with Dry-Erase Board and Magnets, Letter Size, RedCHECK PRICE Deflecto 510010 deflect-o MyStyle DocuPocket/White Board, Single Pocket, Silver/WhiteCHECK PRICE

Make Your Work Area a Place You Will Enjoy!

Cubicle Desk Accessories

Dress up your desk with these pretty white floral desk accessories. They will hold your pens, pencils, scissors, letter opener, files, notes and more! Aren’t they lovely?

 Design Ideas Vinea Letter Holder, WhiteCHECK PRICE Design Ideas Vinea Pencil Cup, WhiteCHECK PRICE

Desktop Decorations

Add your own personal touch to your desktop with any of these fun desktop decorations. You have a long day at work, so why not add a little fun and personality to your work area!

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Yellow Flower Paperweight Glass Sphere 3.5″

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  1. I never worked in a Cubicle but have friends who did. One friend had me make her a sign that read “Cubicle Sweet Cubicle”. I thought it was so clever!

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