Cupcake Bedding and Decor

Create a Cupcake Theme in Your Bedroom!

For a fun and colorful bedroom theme, consider cupcake bedding, accent pillows and other cupcake decor.

I will walk you through some options here for creating a fun and inviting theme in any bedroom in your home.

Cupcake designs will never go out of style, and you can always add fun touches along the way to expand your theme.

First Choose a Bedding Set

Cupcake Bedding

3pc Cupcake Dreams Full Bed Comforter and Pillow Shams Set

Choose a cupcake themed bedding set that will get you started on your bedroom design. Choose patterns and colors you enjoy, the add matching accessories according to the accent colors in the bedding. Kids, teens and adults will all enjoy cupcake bedding!

You can also consider a blanket, sheet sets, etc, to dress up your bed with a cupcake theme!

3pc Cupcake Dreams Full Bed Comforter3pc Cupcake Dreams Full Bed Comforter

 Society6 Cupcakes 51 Throw Blanket 7pc Girl Pink Blue White Green Tadpoles 3D Jacquard Baby Blanket, Pink 3C4G Jumbo Cupcake Reversible Sleeping Bag, Stephen Joseph Cupcake Nap Mat, Pink/Purple Cutie Pie Pink Cupcakes Baby Blanket

Toss on Some Cupcake Pillows

Cupcake Pillows

AimTrend Super Soft Plush Pillows-Cupcake-Purple and Pink

Cupcake Pillows are fun to fling on your bed, floor, sofa, chairs, etc. These will go well with any cupcake bedding set, and they also compliment solid color bedding sets very well!

Kids and teens will enjoy these cupcake pillows, as will any adult with a sweet tooth. Accent pillows complete the look of your bed, and they add texture, pops of color and pretty design to your home.

Whether your cupcake pillow is shaped like a sweet treat, or it simply has a cupcake on the design, you’ll enjoy the whimsical touch it adds to your bedroom!

AimTrend Super Soft Plush Pillows-Cupcake-Purple andAimTrend Super Soft Plush Pillows-Cupcake-Purple and

 iscream Sweet Treats Pink Icing Cupcake Cupcake Novelty Food Throw Pillows Lifelike DCI Cupcake Yummy Pillow iscream Summer-Time Sweets Purple Cupcake Souvenier iscream Yummy Treats Vanilla Scented ‘Celebration Custom Throw Pillow Case Personalized Flowers iscream Yummy Treats Chocolate Scented Black iscream Yummy Treats Vanilla Icing Scented iscream Sweet Treats Giant 3D White iscream Sweet Treats Candy Cupcake Microbead iscream Sweet Treats 3D Blue Icing Circo Decorative Pillow Mini Cupcake Loool 18 X 18 Inch Cotton Gear New Retro Cupcake Poster Throw Plush Cupcake Pillow – Blue and

Include Other Cupcake Accessories

Other Cupcake Decor Accents

CJ Products Pupcake Sweet Scent, 16

It’s fun to do your entire bedroom in a theme, so consider adding other cupcake accents such as curtains, plush animals, figurines, etc.

You can add as many or as few accessories as you desire to create a cupcake haven you’ll be proud to show off to others!

CJ Products Pupcake Sweet Scent, 16CJ Products Pupcake Sweet Scent, 16

 Trend Lab Wall Clock, Cupcake Cupcake Eating Well Feeling Good, Metal RoomMates RMK2037GM Happi Cupcake Peel and Pink and Blue Macaroon Cupcake Trinket Cupcake with Cherry Trinket Box, Hand Pink Frosting Cupcake Porcelain Hinged Trinket Cupcake Trinket Box, Hand Set Swarovski Society6 Cupcake Rug 2′ x 3′ Crystal Cupcake Covered Candy Dish Box

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