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Custom Mugz Can Personalize It for You!

Custom Mugz is a new business that I and a friend recently embarked upon. We customize mugs, t-shirts, tote bags, and more.

We can put photos, poems, art, business cards, logos, and more on mugs for you or your business.

We have basic designs for $8.00, and custom designs are $12.00, however we do offer special price reductions if you buy a bulk of 12 or more featuring the same design.

We’ve had some local businesses contact us for mugs, and they have been very pleased! You don’t have to be local to enjoy our mugs and other products, though. You simply contact us via our website, Custom Mugz and let us know what you want, then you can pay via PayPal (whether you have a PayPal account or not), and we will print your mugs (or other items), and ship them out to you.

Look at some of our designs below, and visit our website for more ideas! “If you can think it, we can do it!”

Bucket List Mugz

Our Bucket List Mugz are a blast! They feature a silhouette of something you would like to do before you die. It can be anything you want such as:

*Travel the World
*Sky Dive
*Ride a Motorcycle
*Visit Paris

etc, etc

Each mug comes with an empty check box on the front and a permanent marker, so you can check it off once you complete the task. On the back is the saying, “There’s no time like the present,” however you can have it blank, or tell us something else you would like on there instead.

The silhouettes feature your face, or the face of someone you’re giving the mug to as a gift. These are fun and original!

Memorial Mugz

You can memorialize a lost person or pet with a custom mug. We have many sample templates on our website, or you can use photos, personal poems, etc.

These would be awesome keepsakes for relatives and friends of people who have passed, but you can also memorialize a special date such as a wedding, anniversary, birth, job, etc.

Promotional Mugz

Perhaps you want to promote a business, or create a fund raiser for your school or a local charity. Promotional Mugz can include a logo, a name, address, and phone number, or simply a business card (either one on each side, or one wrapped around the mug).

We offer bulk pricing, if you buy at least 12 mugs (see price list below).

Use logo mugs in your businesses, too. Some businesses that might be interested in using logo mugs at work include:

* A restaurant or cafe
* A hair salon or spa
* A dude ranch or retreat
* A motel or hotel

etc, etc,

You can buy mugs at bulk prices and sell them for double to raise money for your business or for charity, too.

And mugs make wonderful gifts for employees and clients, too!!!

We Offer More Than Just Mugs!

See our price list below…

Holiday Mugz

Christmas is an especially popular time of year to give gifts, and a creative holiday mug can be filled with cocoa, candy, coffee, and more. Wrap it in a cellophane bag with a pretty bow, and you’ll have a nice gift for coworkers, teachers, neighbors, family, and friends.

Check out the Holiday Mugz page on our website for templates for Christmas, birthdays, Halloween, and more.

We can make just about anything you desire.

Basic Custom Mugz

Our Basic/Custom Mugz are only $8.00. They can be ordered from the mug samples you will find on our Basic/Custom page of the website, or use any of the templates there.

These are not personalized with names, logs, photos, etc. They are templates we already have in our system, so we can offer them at a lower price.

There are many to choose from. Give an encouraging mug to a friend or family member, or a silly mug to that goofy coworker or boss. Or give a scripture mug to your pastor.

Custom Mugz Video

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