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Relax With Cute Dogs Adult Coloring Book – Delivered To You

Dogs bring so much joy into our lives, now you can relax while coloring in sweet dog pictures.

I have only just finished completing this book. It must be at least six years ago that I first wanted to create my own range of adult coloring books, and only now have I finally gotten the first one done!

The pictures are gorgeous, and there is no bleed through to the other side of the page to worry about, because the back of each page is black with a thoughtful motivational quip to ponder while you calmly colour in the image.

And Lulu have so many discount sale days!

Just check the home page for what discounts apply when you order.

Dogs Vol 1 | Adult Coloring Book | ColourMeKind

See inside:

Paisley and graphic designs included in every image to keep you inspired

CLICK HERE TO BUY >> Dogs Vol 1 | Adult Coloring Book | ColourMeKind

Variety of design themes and styles means you never get bored coloring in this book

… and you will never be frustrated or overwhelmed with too complex an image either

Be Happy!

Creative calming dog pictures to enjoy and embellish

So grab your copy online now, and get it delivered to the door.

What a fantastic gift for the creative coloring fans and dog lovers in your life!

CLICK HERE to view & buy >> Dogs Vol 1 | Adult Coloring Book | ColourMeKind

And I have also just created Volume 2 Dog Adult Coloring Book!

CLICK HERE to view & buy >> Dogs Vol 2 | Adult Coloring Book | ColourMeKind

And there is also a new CATS adult coloring book!

CLICK HERE to view & buy >> Cats Vol 1 | Adult Coloring Book | ColourMeKind

See all my new release books on Lulu here!

They deliver to all countries (unlike Amazon) and the quality of their books and printing is brilliant!!!

CLICK HERE >> to see the complete range!

Self help Books, Animal Care, Natural Health, Journals, Planners & Diaries.

Scroll through this slideshow to see some of my books available online.

CLICK HERE >> to see the complete range on LULU!

CLICK HERE >> to see the complete range on Amazon!

Do you have any experience with adult coloring books?

What is your favourite kind of coloring project or subject…?

Please share, I would love to know!

Please be so kind to leave your feedback, Kudos, comments

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  1. You are an inspiration. Thanks for the heads up about LunaPic.

  2. Congratulations on the new coloring book Helene! I think completing an adult coloring book of such high quality is great, and a dog related theme is even better.
    I would love to learn of your process in creating this book.

    • Thanks! It has taken me so many years to finally get to the print stage – lol

      I now have the laptops and notebook (on the way) so that I can create and draw my own on the touchscreens etc. so I’ll have a lot of fun drawing my own creations.

      But this first book used gorgeous dog photos that I filtered with LunaPic online settings, and I think they turned out really well. Its the first time I’ve found filters for this style of coloring book that I was satisfied with.

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