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Vintage and Modern Damask Wedding Invitations and Accessories

Monogram Damask Wedding Invitation

Monogram Damask Wedding Invitation

 Damask adds a touch of vintage elegance to your Wedding invitations.


Damask is always a popular choice for Wedding invitations and there are many options to choose from. Damask first appeared as a fabric during the Middle Ages (5th to the 15th centuries), getting it’s name from the city of Damascus where it was woven and traded. Damask is a satin weave with a reversible positive/negative image. It uses light to give an illusion of dimension to the rich pattern. In fashion, due to it’s luxuriousness and intricacy of design, damask was seen as a symbol of status.


Damask style designs lend themselves well to printing and can add a touch of elegance to stationery. It is hardly surprising then that it is one of the most popular choices for Wedding invitations to this day. The choices available are almost unlimited; ranging from subtle, traditional designs to bold, modern ones.

Traditional Style Damask Invitations and Accessories

The following designs all have a subtle damask pattern, mimicking the traditional style of the image being made visible by the play of light upon the warp and weft threads of the fabric. This gives a vintage and elegant feel to the stationery.


Bold Black and White Damask Invitations and Accessories

Black and white themes are becoming increasingly popular with engaged couples for their Weddings and when combined with damask patterns it creates a bold and visually stunning combination. Below is just a small selection of the dramatic black and white damask designs that are available.


Modern Damask Invitations and Accessories

Each of the following designs has a modern twist that takes it away from the traditional damask as seen over the centuries on luxury fabrics. Bright and bold colors, or additional design elements that lift a traditional design into the 21st century.


About the featured products

All of the products featured here are by the creative designers of Zazzle; the leading print-on-demand supplier in the world. Zazzle offer a 100% satifaction guarantee on all of their products and a 30 day (from receipt) replacement or refund policy. All products are custom printed and most can be fully customized by you, the customer. Invitations are available in a range of sizes and on a choice of six paper types and nine colors with full-color, full-bleed printing to both sides. You can visit the Zazzle international portals using the following links:

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