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Is Time Running Out Once Again?

Overcome Deadline Stress

While stress is a normal part of our lives, we have recently become more aware of its negative effects.

Long story short, it isn’t great. We should all strive to reduce stress where we can.

One unique form of stress is deadline stress.

This is the stress you feel when you are worried about deadlines that are hanging over your head.

The Germans even have a word for this: Torschlusspanik.

This word roughly translates to “fear of time running out.”

Does that sound like something you deal with?

If so, consider using these nine tips to help overcome deadline stress.

1. Set More Realistic Deadlines

People tend to be overly optimistic when they initially set deadlines.

While this is a hard habit to break, you need to get more realistic.

Setting deadlines that aren’t reasonable is only going to add to your stress.

Make sure you set realistic deadlines that you can meet.

2. Make a Plan

Do you know how you are going to meet your deadline?

Do you have a plan? I f not, do this as soon as possible.

Taking the time to outline a rough plan will likely reduce a lot of the deadline stress you are feeling.

Self Development Plan Sample

Look at your schedule or calendar and take stock of your current deadlines.

If you have projects or tasks without a deadline, give them one.

3. Tidy Up Your Workspace

A cluttered workspace leads to a cluttered mind.

Even if you feel stressed for time, it’s important to take some time to tidy up your work area.

A tidy work area means you have fewer distractions and will find it easier to focus on your most important deadlines.

How to Organize Your Home and Office

4. Focus on Things You Can Control

You can’t control every circumstance in your life.

When you are facing a tough deadline, focus on the things you can control.

Maybe your boss set the deadline so you can’t control that, but you can control how you spend the time you have.

Control Your Emotions

6. Prioritize What’s Most Important

You should always be spending the majority of your time on your most important tasks.

If you need help figuring out what you should be working on next, consider both urgency and importance.

Important tasks move you towards your goals the most, and urgent tasks have the tightest deadlines.

Find the sweet spot between those two tasks to figure out what deserves priority.

How To Manage Time

Examine all of your deadlines.

Are there any deadlines you can move?

Is there a deadline you were too aggressive on?

Tweak your deadlines where necessary and possible.

5. Break Down Intimidating Tasks

One of the best ways to deal with deadline stress is to break your intimidating tasks down into smaller action items.

Instead of worrying about a huge task due in X amount of days, you can focus on smaller steps that you can do right away.

The more of these steps you tackle, the closer you will be to your goal.

7. Focus on Your Inner Peace

Deadline stress is like all other types of stress in that you have to find ways to lower it.

Focusing on your self-care and inner peace is the best way to do that.

Consider taking up a meditation routine.

Strive to be more mindful in your everyday life.

Find hobbies and routines that naturally reduce your stress.

How to Balance Mind Body Spirit

8. Let Go of Perfection

Perfection is the biggest enemy of “done.”

If you are already stressed about meeting a deadline, it doesn’t make sense to add the stress of perfection.

The reality is, perfect doesn’t exist.

If you keep nitpicking every little detail, you are only going to miss more deadlines.

Don’t invite the stress of perfection into your life.

How to Build Self Esteem

Do any of the deadlines worry you?

If you can’t change a deadline that worries you, create a plan of attack to reach it.

Figure out a step you can take towards it right now, and do it!

9. Take a Break

If you are heads-down, working your tail off to meet a deadline, taking a break might be the last thing on your mind.

This can be a dangerous mindset.

Taking a break is a great way to re-energize and refocus to always give maximum effort.

It is also a chance to step back from the details and take an overall look at your progress.

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  1. Man, do I need this Nugget now! I was just thinking last night how much stress I caused myself by now doing important stuff on time.

    Paperwork is my downfall. I am reading and re-reading this article and will follow the suggestions to get my mind – and space organized.

  2. Over the decades I learned that I lived with very high levels of stress to the point where the adrenalin from it was quite addictive.

    If you complain about being stressed, while getting a bit of a buzz from it, you might need to check out how to manage stress better and live more mindfully.

    What are your stress levels like RIGHT NOW?

    Are you coping or thriving?

    Share your thoughts with us below:

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