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Decorative Downspout Extensions

Decorative Downspout Extensions

Downspout extensions are a necessity for every home and although your home undoubtedly comes with them, you know those plain white ones. Why not make them an accent in decorating your yard.

Not only do these downspout extensions change the landscape of your yard, they perform an important function of home maintenance by keeping water funneled away from the foundation of your home. Any standing water at the foundation of any home can cause costly damage to your home.

Hummingbirds Decorative Downspout Extension

 Hummingbird Downspout ExtensionView Now On Amazon

We all know how important it is to move water away from the foundation of your home, but why settle for a plain old downspout from the hardware store? These charming, weather-resistant resin covers attach to any standard or large downspout and do their job with style. A scene featuring a little log bridge over two stone walls that is being visited by a pair of bright, colorful hummingbirds. Cast in outdoor-safe resin from remarkably detailed original sculptures, each downspout cover is carefully painted with great attention to detail, bringing each scene to life. Protect your home and enjoy a whimsical natural scene at the same time.


Downspout Extenstions

These adorable and whimsical downspout extensions will not only help divert water from your foundation they will add that decorative and special touch to your garden area. Made of resin, they will last season after season and remain bold and bright.

 Hummingbirds Decorative Downspout CoverView Now On Amazon Birds Decorative Downspout CoverView Now On Amazon Mermaid Decorative Downspout CoverView Now On Amazon Blowfish Decorative Downspout CoverView Now On Amazon Kitty and Frog Decorative Downspout ExtensionView Now On Amazon Angel Decorative Downspout ExtenderView Now On Amazon


Decorative Downspout Covers

Decorative Downspout Covers can come in a variety of styles that are designed to mimic the outdoor elements. They are made of a poly resin material or cement that is made specifically to with stand the outdoor elements of cold, heat, wind, rain and snow. They will remain looking new year after year.

 Bear Decorative Downspout CoverView Now On Amazon Kitty Decorative Downspout CoverView Now On Amazon Puppy Decorative Downspout CoverView Now On Amazon Turtle Decorative Downspout CoverView Now On Amazon Pelican Decorative Downspout CoverView Now On Amazon Gnome Decorative Downspout CoverView Now On Amazon


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  1. What a very clever idea for decorating the outdoors. Decorative downspout covers is nothing I would have ever thought of. But it really is very clever and could add so much to your yard.

  2. ooooh… I want the racoon or squirrel ones for my new place at front.. would be adorable!!!

  3. Oh my word, who would have thought. What an excellent idea, very creative. I didn’t realize these even existed.

  4. Gypzeerose

    What a cute idea! This decorative downspout covers will delight any garden.

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