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Decorative Pill Boxes

Decorative Pill Boxes

Carry your medication in one of these lovely pill boxes. Now you don’t have to take out that bulky bottle of pills in public. You can take out one of these dainty, decorative designs instead. Fill with pills that you use regularly or occasionally.

I carry a pill box. I have for years, and it’s so convenient! I love pulling out my pretty pill box when someone needs an Ibuprofen.

Buy more than one for different medications. A pill box can also be used to carry mints or other small items.

These make awesome stocking stuffers and gift basket accessories, too!!!

Unique & Cool Pill Boxes

These pill boxes are very unique and so much fun. Pull one out of your handbag or pocket and watch people’s reaction! These are great conversation starters, too. Carry pills, mints and more in these handy pill boxes!

 Mad Hatter Pill BoxCheck Price TrendyCheck Price Rotary Phone Pill Box Case VintageCheck Price

Design Toscano Ornate Pill Box Pewter Walking Stick

This is a walking stick with a pill box on the pewter handle! It is quite lovely and useful, too. Now you don’t have to worry about carrying a separate pill box when you step out. Keep your pills handy in the handle of this gorgeous walking stick. Men and women alike will love this!

Design Toscano Ornate Pill Box PewterCheck Price

Round Pill Boxes

This is the style I’ve always carried. They fit nicely in the small zippered section of my purse, but are also small enough to carry in a pocket.

 gopillable Round Chrome and Black PillCheck Price Kingsley Round Pill Box – SilverCheck Price gopillable Round Chrome and Decorative RoseCheck Price Budd Leather Mother of Pearl RoundCheck Price Round Silver Pill BoxCheck Price gopillable Round, Chrome and Decorative KaleidoscopeCheck Price Fancy Pill Box (Red Round)Check Price Black Crystal Round Pill BoxCheck Price Zip-A-Round Travel Pill Case, 7-Day RoundCheck Price Silver Dragonfly Large Round 7 DayCheck Price 1928 Womens Swarovski Accents Crystal RoundCheck Price

Paisley Pill Boxes

I love paisley design! These pill boxes are lovely and elegant. They make great gifts for the special women in your life, too!

Keep pain relievers, vitamins and other medicine on hand with you always, when you carry a pill box in your purse or pocket.

 Silver & Purple Paisley Pill BoxCheck Price Silver & Pink Square Paisley PillCheck Price 5 Silver & White Paisley PillCheck Price Pink Paisley 7 Day Pill BoxCheck Price Paisley Daisy – Got Pills? PillCheck Price 2 New Small Paisley Pill BoxCheck Price Paisley Scallops Pink Orange Black PillCheck Price Silver & White Paisley Pill BoxCheck Price Paisley Print Green Gold Purple MetalCheck Price 2 Large Paisley Metal Pill Boxes:Check Price Paisley Print Lt Blue Purple GreenCheck Price 3 Pack of 7 Day PaisleyCheck Price 2 Large Paisley Metal Pill Boxes:Check Price Paisley Print Lt Blue Purple GreenCheck Price 5 Silver & Black Square PaisleyCheck Price 4 Square Paisley Pill Box CasesCheck Price

Fun & Unique Pill Boxes

 Psychedelic Lion Neon Rave Pop ArtCheck Price Psychedelic Cat Sunglasses Neon Rave PopCheck Price Psychedelic Cat Neon Rave Pop ArtCheck Price Psychedelic Wolf Sunglasses Animal Neon RaveCheck Price Small Round Silver Neon Flower PillCheck Price Psychedelic Universe Neon Rave Pop ArtCheck Price Miller High Life Beer Neon SignCheck Price Stroh’s Beer Retro Neon Sign, GuitarCheck Price Psychedelic Daisy Rave Festival Neon ColorsCheck Price Las Vegas Martini Neon Sign Coin,Check Price Stardust Casino Las Vegas 1950s RetroCheck Price Hollywood Singing and Dancing Retro NeonCheck Price Drugs Retro Neon Sign Coin, MintCheck Price BEAUTY SALON LOVELY 1930s RETRO NEONCheck Price Psychedelic Fractal Neon Rave Pop ArtCheck Price Neon Jellyfish Metal Oval Pill CaseCheck Price Neon Rave Butterfly Pop Art PsychedelicCheck Price Route 66 Cafe Bar & GrillCheck Price Psychedelic Owl Neon Rave Pop ArtCheck Price Small Round Silver White with NeonCheck Price

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