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Deity Masks from Nepal

Colorful Nepali Deity Masks, Mask Prints, and Other Products

I took the photo (below) of deity masks for sale in the Boudhanath section of Kathmandu during my three-month stay in Nepal.

Part of that time, I explored the crazy capital city, while the rest of my trip was spent in comparatively calmer places like Pokhara, Shyauli Bazaar, and a remote settlement in the foothills of the awesome Himalaya.

During my travels in Nepal, I often noticed these colorful masks on display. I sometimes took pictures of them and often I wondered what they were all about. But I didn’t really find out until after my trip, which was full of activity and adventure.

This is what I learned about these deity masks and what I did with my photos….

The Meaning and Signficance of the Masks in Nepal

Located between Tibet and India, Nepal is a melting pot when it comes to the forms of worship found there, which contain aspects of Hinduism, Buddhism and Tibetan Bon (animism).

The colorful Nepalese masks seen here, as well as unpainted wooden masks, can be found on both interior and exterior walls, especially above or beside doors and windows, placed there to summon the aid of gods. Many of these masks have elaborate pointed skull crowns and third eyes in the middle of their foreheads.

Nepali Mask Post CardNepali Mask Post CardCHECK PRICE

When I was in Nepal, I saw lots of these masks — often replicas of ceremonial masks — for sale at shops in Kathmandu and Pokhara, which is where I took the photographs on this page. These photos are available in a variety of sizes, framed and unframed, from my Zazzle shop, Ramkitten’s Adventure Emporium.

Nepal Deity Mask Image Products

These are items — prints, posters, cards and more — that I created on Zazzle from my own photographs

If you see an image you like, but that image isn’t shown on the product you want, let me know in the guestbook below, and I’d be happy to create it and post it here for sale.

Click on the images below for pricing and size options….

Deity Mask Postcards

Keepsakes from Boudhanath Post CardsKeepsakes from Boudhanath Post CardsCHECK PRICE

Look at other Nepal Postcards at zazzle.com

Canvas Wraps

Masks in Boudhanath: Kathmandu, Nepal Canvas PrintMasks in Boudhanath: Kathmandu, Nepal Canvas PrintCHECK PRICES

Deity Mask Posters

You can choose your size, from 6″x4″ all the way up to 53.33″x40″ and then add a custom frame if you want, in wood or metal.

Masks at Boudhanath, Nepal PhotoMasks at Boudhanath, Nepal PhotoCHECK PRICE

Nepali Deity Mask Poster Nepali Deity Mask Poster CHECK PRICE

Nepal Deity Mask Keepsakes PosterNepal Deity Mask Keepsakes PosterCHECK PRICE

Photographic Prints and Note Cards

Nepal Deity Masks PrintNepal Deity Masks PrintCHECK PRICE

Nepali Mask CardsNepali Mask CardsCHECK PRICE


I have this one, myself. The quality is very good (thick mouse pad) and the colors are bright — actually a bit more saturated than you see here, so it looks more like a painting because of the surface its printed on.

Masks at Boudhanath MousepadsMasks at Boudhanath MousepadsCHECK PRICE

Nepal Deity Mask Plates

These are 10-inch, dishwasher safe and break-resistant dishes.

Deity Mask PlateDeity Mask PlateCHECK PRICE

Deity Masks PlateDeity Masks PlateCHECK PRICE

More Deity Mask Prints, Cards and Posters

Mahakala Wrathful Deity PostersMahakala Wrathful Deity Mask PostersCHECK PRICE

Tibetan Buddhist Ceremonial Masks PosterTibetan Buddhist Ceremonial Masks PosterCHECK PRICE

Tibetan Buddhist Wrathful Deity Mask PrintTibetan Buddhist Wrathful Deity Mask PrintCHECK PRICE

Nepalese Cultural Masks: Other Resources

For information, photos and for purchasing Nepali masks

Cultural and Folk Masks of Nepal by Prof. Dr. Shanker Thapa
Professor Thapa teaches at the Central Department of History Tribhuvan University Kirtipur, Kathmandu Nepal. See this slideshow, with information and photos, about Nepalese masks.

Demons and Deities: Masks of the Himalayas
An excellent, extensive article with images of a variety of deity masks from Nepal

Nepalese Guardian Masks
Information from LuckyMojo.com, where they also sell these masks

Photographs: Nepal Deity Masks
Thousands of images from Google Search

Deity Masks
From “Everyday Exile” Photojournalism blog by Tammy Winand aka CrypticFragments

Buy Deity Masks from Nepal at LotusMasks.com

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