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Delightful Child’s Ben Franklin Costumes

Ben Franklin Costume for Kids

This Catalog of Costumes will focus on Ben Franklin to give Kids great Ben Franklin costumes for Halloween and other Costume activities (school play, history camp, summer dress up summer school costume days).
Ben Franklin Costumes for Children is split up into a few sections, but, easy to find what you are looking for from a full costume, or just shoes and glasses, or maybe you want to learn how to make a costume yourself? There are kits and full costume deluxe sets. Take your pick and have fun!

Ben Franklin Child’s Halloween Costume

Benjamin Franklin Child CostumeBenjamin Franklin Child CostumeBen Franklin Complete CostumeBen Franklin Complete CostumeBen Franklin Costume by Official CostumesBen Franklin Costume by Official CostumesRubie's Deluxe Benjamin Franklin CostumeRubie’s Deluxe Benjamin Franklin Costume

What would Ben Franklin wear on a formal occasion? As many of the men in his time it would be appropriate to dress up more formally when going to the theater or when going to important gatherings in the community.  When the men dressed up they would often wear apparel which had rich embellishments.

Ben Franklin Costume Accessories

Ben Franklin Glasses, Hat, Shoes

Ben Franklin Costume Accessories

Start with the face of Ben Franklin and you are well on your way to creating a great child’s Ben Franklin Costume.
Think about the most seen features of Benjamin Franklin. That would be what we see on money right? This is why the hair and glasses are the most important features to work with when you are putting together this costume. Other accessories include a wig, shoes and a hat, if desired. These will add so much more to your Ben Franklin Costume!

Ben Franklin Glasses (Standard)Ben Franklin Glasses (Standard)California Costumes Benjamin Franklin WigCalifornia Costumes Benjamin Franklin WigPilgrim Costume Shoe CoversPilgrim Costume Shoe CoversFelt Tricorn Hat (Tri Corner Hat)Felt Tricorn Hat (Tri Corner Hat)

Ben Franklin Wig Tight Benjamin FranklinBen Franklin Wig Tight Benjamin FranklinRubies Costumes Co. Ben Franklin ChildRubies Costumes Co. Ben Franklin ChildBuorsa Bald Cap with White WigBuorsa Bald Cap with White WigHistorical Ben Franklin Wig and GlassesHistorical Ben Franklin Wig and Glasses


Ben Franklin Total Costume

For Theatre, Dress Up, School Plays or Halloween

From history books we might get the impression that Ben Franklin costumes need to be grayish off purple or off blue grey color. It seems most of our history tells us this is the color Ben Franklin wore most of the time. But, he also wore black, brown, and any number of colors of the day.

The most important element of a Benjamin Franklin costume is glasses, black (or charcoal grey) pants, and a white shirt (colonial). Then you can have a vest or a vest and coat. Ben was an inventor so he may have most often worn his shirt and vest without a coat until he was going out or it was cold.
Think of Ben Franklin’s coat as a lab coat (like a doctor would wear but darker colors).

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