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Department 56 Creepy Halloween Displays

Create Life-like Haunted Halloween Village Displays

Are you eager to set up Department 56 creepy Halloween displays but don’t know where to start? You have come to the right place. These settings are among people’s favorite decorations for the creepy season. Kids and adults are crazy about them, which provide us with a never ending wonderment.

Creating these haunted Halloween displays is not a big deal provided that you use the right elements. Pre-made collectibles such as creepy houses, zombie characters, haunted fair elements and scary train and wagons are here to help.

Most of these Halloween houses and accessories come with lights and sounds. Some are even provided with a device that enables them to move just like real ones.

So if you too enjoy looking at those stunning creepy Halloween displays, let’s embark on my journey through these sceneries.

Different Creepy Halloween Displays

Three scary settings to highlight your holiday decor

You can find collectibles to create creepy Halloween displays in online stores. I like to buy online, as I can then read the feedback from customers and decide on buying them or not.

Depending on the brand and their collections, you are going to find different styles of Halloween village collectibles. Mainly you will find three categories:

* The Halloween village scene,
* The Halloween carnival or fair display,
* The Halloween train setting.

Each of these categories are adapted to include figurines (zombies, skeletons, witches) and accessories (street lights, pumpkins, trees, etc.) They make you able to create stunning creepy Halloween displays.

Setting Up Creepy Halloween Displays Is Easy

Items to create a scary village setting

Department 56 The Haunted Church Lit House

Do you think that creating a Halloween village is hard to do? It is in reality extremely easy! Stores have done things as simpler as possible just for you. Instead of having to build, assemble, and paint your tiny houses, you just have to remove them from their shipping boxes.

Setting up a Halloween village display using those miniature buildings is also super simple to do. You do not have to own a myriad of different items to create your very own spooky setting. A few collectibles is enough.
Basic haunted Halloween village setting:

* 1 creepy looking haunted church collectible,
* 1 pack tombstones and a cemetary gate to place next to the church,
* 1 house that produces Halloween-ish sounds,
* 1 spooky and disgusting diner or bar (because there is one of them in any spooky town),
* 1 road sign,
* A few street lights,
* Some dead trees,
* A setting with skeleton resting his bones on a public bank,
* A witch preparing ghoulish stuff in a cauldron,
* Some zombies and other creepy figurines.

There you are: cheers to a wonderful basic scary Halloween diorama.


Creepy Setting Shopping List

Dpt 56 Village Tombstones St/6Dpt 56 Village Fire Burn & Cauldron BubbleDpt 56 Village Village Resting My BonesDpt 56 Village Gothic GateDpt 56 Village Haunted Signs, Set of 3Dpt 56 Village Haunted Sounds Lit TreesDpt 56 Village Glares & Stares Lit HouseDpt 56 Village No One Rides for FreeDpt 56 Village Building A Better MousetrapDept 56 Ghostly Glow Street Lights

How To Create a Haunted Carnival Display

Enjoy a visit to this frightful fair

Funny Bones Skeleton Clown Circus Figurine Dept 56 Halloween Village Accessory

Dept 56 introduced their Carnival collectibles that will enable you to add a haunted fair to your existing Halloween Snow Village if you have one.

If you are a beginner, you probably will want to start with a Halloween Carnival. This type of setting is highly popular as it reminds us from those fairs which are sources of fun for both children and adults. These can easily become frightful and have your spine chilled.

Some of Dept 56 Carnival collectibles include:

* An electric swing on which ghouls have fun,
* A frightful house of clowns – the entrance is the gigantic mouth of a creepy clown,
* A creepy hypnosis attraction stand,
* A monster show tent,
* The wack a zombie attraction from which zombies pop up and pop down,
* Accessories.

As you can see, you will quickly set up a somptuous scary Halloween fair using only a few collectibles and figurines.


Dept 56 Whack A ZombieDept 56 Village Swinging GhouliesDept 56 World of HypnosisDept 56 The Clown House of TerrorDept 56 Cats and Bats Animated GalleryDept 56 Trv Louie Otherworldly Persons

How To Set Up A Creepy Halloween Train Display

Haunted railroad

The third type of Dept 56 creepy Halloween displays you can do is the train. This one comes with all elements you need to create a haunted railroad.

Click here to find out how to create a haunted Halloween train setting.

If your sitting room is large enough, you can even create a wonderful setting by mixing the three types of items and end up with a life-like village, carnival fair and train scene.

The plus that comes with such creepy Halloween displays is that they are conceived using items that are popular among collectors. This enables you to resell them for a good price whenever you don’t want to use them any more.

So, are you ready to build your very own life-like haunted Halloween village display?

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  1. Gypzeerose

    Thanks for these beautiful Halloween decorations. They are the kind that would get passed down in the family as collectibles. I didn’t know about the Department 56 collectibles from Enesco, and how well made and valuable they are. I agree they make a lovely – but spooky holiday home.

  2. Halloween decorations are so much fun, and Department 56 creations are the best!

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